I’ve always felt a deep desire to help the world, but for the majority of my life, I didn’t know how I would do that.

When I graduated High School, and began University, much of my childhood wonder had been tucked away somewhere deep inside myself, and I chose to follow the crowd, entering into a Finance degree, and planning for a future that would allow me to do one main thing - make good money. Now where I sit now, I’m all for making good money, but when that’s the number one focus, you’ve lost the plot. 

And lost the plot, I had. That didn’t last long though, my soul was guiding me, even when I wasn’t aware of it. 

In 2010, I decided to spend a semester abroad in South Africa, and interned for a non-profit in Cape Town. The experience completely changed my life - because Cape Town, the “Mother City” as it’s known - woke me up. 

When I returned home to Canada, I began meditating, learning about my chakras, and communicating with angels. Once I graduated University, I decidedly to epicly disappoint my father {just for a short time, he eventually came on board} and make my friends wonder about my sanity - by forgoing a cushy corporate career - and I started my own business instead. 

In the early years of my business, I made crystal jewelry, taught about meditation, and gave intuitive angel readings. Although I loved my work, and felt very purposeful - it always felt more like a hobby rather than a full-on business. For years, I struggled to make ends meet, always just making “enough”. And all the while, wondering what the essence of my work really was. I loved spirituality and the angels, but looking back, I was still on the cusp of my journey.

Something deeper was ready to emerge. 

Within the last few years, I’ve had deeper levels of awakening. I connected with Priestess mentors, who’ve helped to awaken me to a knowingness that I’m a Priestess of Isis, a Mother Goddess revered in Ancient Egypt. I’ve been able to remember my lineages - that is - I’ve remembered past lives that have helped to deeply inform who I am, what I’m here to do, and what medicine and important messages I carry. This medicine includes snake medicine, and the message that the darkness is sacred. 

snakegoldrose copy.png

With waking up on deeper levels, I also had a deeper remembrance of my inherent abundance. You see, throughout the process of running a spiritually-based business, I can tell you, I was fed up with watching others who had a blatantly patriarchal energy, show up in my news-feed and tell me that I needed to hustle and be completely in my masculine in order to succeed.

When I awoke to the deeper energies of the Divine Feminine, I realized I could do business my own way, and be largely in my receptive, feminine energy. In this way I could magnetize abundance, ideas, and opportunities to me in a way that felt easy, and more importantly, aligned, with my soul-mission on this planet.

Now I run a soul-based business, that allows me the freedom to travel the world, work with incredible clients who inspire me everyday, and gives me a platform to express the deep messages and coding I carry in my soul.

I’m here to awaken the earth to our inherent oneness, and encourage this planet to balance our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies, so that all beings may be free.

If you’re reading this, I imagine you have a similar purpose - one that feels big {because it is}, and one that asks you to honour the Divine Feminine deeply, while you make your way in the world. 

If your resonate and would like to go deeper together, I invite you to join our private FB group + etheric temple space - Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon, so we can get to know each other.

In this group, I’m always offering free content to help you connect with your Priestess path, while helping you to share your gifts in a way that aligns with your soul, and brings you an income. You can join us here. 

I also welcome you to look around the site, as I have a ton of free trainings and content that can serve you on your powerful path.  Again, my focus is on serving you in 2 major areas: Deepening into your Priestess path + creating an abundant business as a Priestess.