Hi I'm Beth!

I'm a part of a tribe, called to infuse this world with more divine feminine energy + love. { Along with more empowerment, and earth-connection. }

I was called to begin creating videos, blogs, and meditations for young women around the globe, who needed more support on their paths, about 6 years ago. When I graduated from a Finance degree all those years ago - I knew I had a choice: Follow the traditional path (job, mortgage, routine) or...

I could go and quest to make something of my own, share my heart, and become a spiritually based entrepreneur.

Well, the choice was fairly obvious to me. :) Because... when I woke up to the world around me, I just couldn't hand that animals were being abused, the earth was being raped, and children were being silenced and institutionalized.

I woke up to a new way of living. I felt this dream of living in deeper harmony with the land, building meaningful community, and pursuing my creativity to make the world a more loving place.

...The thing is, I know you're with me in this. Your story involves waking up, and wanting more for yourself + for the world - and now, you're in this place where ... you're ready to give your insight, and wisdom into the world ... so you can shake things up, and listen to that inner calling.


Today I help women start spiritually-based businesses, and create lives based in truth, play & love for Mother Earth.

I work with Angels and Spirit Guides in everything that I do, and through encouraging you to listen to your inner guidance, while offering sound and practical guidance on how to become a spiritually-based entrepreneur - I can help you rock it out to the next level.