It's our final moon of Moon Goddess Initiation, and the Goddess Aine is guiding us, as we gently bring this journey to completion.

Aine (Awn-Yah or Aw-neh depending on who you talk to) is a Celtic Goddess of Love, Fertility and Sovereignty. "Aine means brightness, glow, joy, radiance, splendour, glory and melody." She is closely associated with the sun and with Faeries! She's also connected to the Moon of course, as I feel basically all Goddesses are!

And guess what.... In many legends + traditions, Aine is considered the Queen of the Faeries.

And Faeries are very real beings who could be described as the Nature Angels whose purpose is to look after plants, and animals, help them grow, and much more. So that's rad :)

I found this fun table of Symbols, Herbs, etc, that are associated with Aine:


Pantheon: Celtic
Element: Air
Planets: Sun, moon
Festivals: Midsummer/Summer Solstice
Sacred Animals: Red mare, rabbit, swan
Colors: Red, gold, green, blue, and tan
Representations: Hay, straw, fire
Stones/Incense: Bloodstone, Dragonsblood, Fairy Dust

Healing : AngelicaBalm,  BlackberryCowslipElderFennelFlaxGarlicGoat’s RueMugwort, NettleOak
Fertility : HawthornMistletoeOak  


When I connect with Aine, I keep feeling the sheer abundance that is in nature. As I was walking along today, she told me that there is so much abundance contained in the earth's delights. We all go looking for abundance and chasing it, when it is literally right in front of us, we just need to connect with the juiciness of everything the Earth is offering us in the present moment.

Connect with Aine through

the Guided Meditations below!

Guided Meditations with Aine