The next interview, which I'm so stoked on... is with my mentor ALIA, who is an electronic music producer and coach for women creatives. She's also a bad-ass soul fueled Priestess, just like you... Press play below to join us for a great conversation on our true Abundance.


In this interview Alia shares:


  • How she transitioned from a cushy corporate career to an uncertain, but passionate path in music + coaching other creatives
  • How we can attract ideal clients to us through first connecting to our creative + feminine energy (rather than from solely a masculine energy... of acting all the time, with no stillness + inception... both ideally, is good!)
  • A discussion of why we're seeing... either trainings for Business, or trainings for the Priestess path - with not so much (yet!..) out there on how they merge with authenticity and love.

Press play above for the interview + lots more nuggets of wisdom.

Alia @ Enchanted Forest ~ Photo by Ian Mackenzie ~  ♥   Click here to   listen to ALIA's music

Alia @ Enchanted Forest ~ Photo by Ian Mackenzie ~ Click here to listen to ALIA's music

ALIA is an internationally acclaimed Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Vocalist, and Producer of the Feminine Medicine™ Project.

A former marketing executive for blue-chip brands and start-ups and a graduate of Brown University that left a stable but unfulfilling career to pursue her passions, ALIA created her online platform Femvolution™ to offer information and empowering content to help women free their self-expression and their creative voice, and is a sought-after speaker on women’s liberation.

ALIA’s mission is to inspire a world in which all women feel free to be who they are.

For years she has been empowering thousands of women through her coaching, writing, virtual programs, women’s circles, and 1-on-1 mentoring programs that assist women to unlock their self-expression and soul work.

Find out more about ALIA, here

To listen to ALIA's epic music, click here!

(...This is my favourite track on her new album)