Higher Self,

I call upon you now,

Thank you for bestowing the inner light of my own radiance on me,

And within me.

Ignite my inner lionness,

The part of me that’s always shining

Guide me to know, I can do it

I am enough!

Goddess, I choose to honour your abundance

That everyday you give me

Through gifts like my breathe, my lungs, my life,

Thank you.

Guide me to heal my relationship with money

Guide me to know there’s always enough

Guide me to remember in my soul

that there’s always MORE than enough,
if I choose to tap into it.

I am ready to learn, I am ready to grow,

Please show me the way


Mother Mary

I call upon you now

Thank you for holding me

And infusing all of my cells with your loving radiance

Please help me to remember my truth

Help me to anchor that truth into my being

Help me to ground into who I really am

And why I really came here

Mother Mary

I receive your love

I choose to know that I am enough

I choose to see myself how you see me

Through the eyes of divinity

Today I honour I am enough

Today I honour my radiance

Thank you Mother Mary for helping me to see my radiance

Every day, in every way

Thank you for being a guide for me, Mother Mary

Remind me to always come back

To what's real

 Thank you



Great Mother, 
I surrender to you now, 
I ask you to use me. 

I intend to be fully aligned with my soul's path. 
I intend to be fully aligned with my soul's mission. 

Please guide me. 

What would you have me create?
What would you birth through me?
How can I serve?
Use me. 
Use my gifts. 
Show me what they are. 

Show me how to use my gifts In service of the highest + best of all beings

Show me how to use my gifts In the most fun + fulfilling way possible. 

Please come to me in my dreams, 
Through my thoughts, 
Through ideas, 
Please make it clear to me...

What would you birth through me, Great Mother?
Please show me the way.

I am listening.