W E L C O M E   T O   Y O U R   A P H R O D I T E  J O U R N E Y !


Welcome love! I invite you into this ritual with Aphrodite and myself, as we luxuriate in our body temples for a well deserved moment! For this ritual, you will need some magical oil, anointing oil, or simply olive oil or what you have in the kitchen! You're also invited to bring a candle and smudge like Palo Santo or Sage, as well! Please play and let's begin!

Art by Linz Archer

Art by Linz Archer

We invoke Aphrodite now , in the name of unconditional love. We are open to learning whatever messages and medicine you have for us


Aphrodite is of course, a well known and loved Goddess ~ of love, beauty, and sexuality.


Reading through the many myths and stories about her I was interested. There are so many stories about her that involve jealousy, infidelity, and even incest. As I deepened into her mythology and looked into the history around her and the Priestesses who served her, I knew, that like many other ancient stories - hers has been shifted and manipulated to serve those "on top". Perhaps the chaotic nature of these stories also spoke to the shadow side of love and sexuality that humans experience as a part of the full spectrum of earthly reality.

That being said, I also feel there are deep codes and lessons hidden in her mythology that are available for us to understand if we go deeper.

Aphrodite is said to come from the sea, when Uranus was castrated, and his genitalia - with his blood and semen, were thrown into the ocean.

Aphrodite arose from the foamy churning sea - fully grown. Some people hearing this story would say that Aphrodite came from a man with no Mother, but I see it differently. The Ocean was Aphrodite's mother, which can be seen as the Great Mother, or the Goddess herself. The story of her creation speaks to the raw and sexual nature from which all human beings are born - she arose from white, churning liquid -- alluding to our sacred fluids that release in our sexual experiences. Perhaps this could even be seen as Aphrodite personifying the union of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, and the ecstatic beauty that unfolds as a result of this merging.

As I researched, I found some interesting things about Aphrodite, having to do with the Priestesses that served her.

Temples were constructed in her honour, and in them, Priestesses served this Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality.

Some of her Priestesses were "Sacred Prostitutes" -- and making love with a Priestess of Aphrodite was considered both worship of her, as well as a pathway to her. Now the word prostitute brings up all sorts of different connotations for us in this day and age, but try to see these sexual experiences from the viewpoint of her Priestesses. This union would have been seen in a healing, euphoric way, intimately connecting to the Divine. It was a pathway for many humans, to allow the sacred essence of Aphrodite to incarnate through them. This was done in a time when sexuality itself was seen in a more sacred light.

I feel Aphrodite and her essence are important in this day and age, when sexuality and beauty are seen in such superficial ways.

When in reality, sexuality and it's powerful energy have the capacity to awaken us from our slumber in incredibly potent ways, if we slow down and really allow it's magnitude to move through us with presence.

We can find Aphrodite through the sacred pleasures of our body, whether that be through enjoying our food, seeing life through our senses, and allowing ourselves to have full-sensory experiences of our reality.

I love this quote which speaks of Aphrodite's inherent teachings being linked to seeing and embodying the body and our physical selves, as sacred.

“Aphrodite’s rituals of love and pleasure are the acts which connect the inner and outer planes … we must actually dance, sing, feast, make music, and love in Her honor. It is with our bodies that we worship Her, and through our bodies that She blesses us. By these earthy rituals the false divisions between body and spirit, between mind and nature, are healed. We find the Sacred within us and all things, within our beautiful, living Mother Earth.”

-Judy Harrow in Gnosis


Whether Aprhodite was a being who walked this earth, and became an Ascended Master or whether she simply embodies an essence & archetypal energy that ripples through all human beings - one thing is clear. Her message and wisdom lie in the honouring of our sexual, romantic, frisky selves as sacred. And at a time when sexuality has been demonized and perverted, her sacred teachings are perhaps more needed than ever.


Blessings Loved One,

Allow me to channel through you as I awake ancient coding within your DNA. Many of you have worked with me extensively before, you will have known me through my various names and incarnations prior to this experience.

Relax in the ways in which you are held now by the Great Mother, and allow your consciousness to dissolve into the shores of your own soul. There is great love here for you, everywhere, if you are willing to let go a little more, and trust that there really is an expansive energy of receptivity, love, and total and utter peace, under you, around you, and available to you at all times.

I would like to offer you an awareness of the truth of sexual energy, which is intertwined inextricably with the energy of beauty. Picture a soft expanse of silvery blue energy, dotted with pinks and golds and greens and yellows, that spans forever. This energy is a river of love, softness, and all things good. Imagine as this energy streams through flowers, blades of grass, clouds, soil, and through your human bodies.

Honour that this energy streams through you as the white liquid of your sexual inheritance.

Can you feel how far humans have gone from the truth of this sexuality? How humans have caged and suppressed this energy, so now it only rings with darkness and shadows in the minds of those who perceive it? And yet, in truth, the softness of this expansive energy moves through flowers, fruits, your feet as they walk upon the earth, it is the movement of creation enjoying itself and moving through itself in orgasm and harmony to create more and more expansive inner and outer realms.

Claim your inheritance in this milky river of awakening, and honour that I am in all things, for all things are beauty. Trust that as you walk on this path, you will be guided into a deeper understanding of the true nature of sexuality that will not only help to awaken yourself, but will also activate the blueprint for awakening necessary for this planet to maintain it's vibration of equilibrium, which is it's forever truth.

Honour the beauty that is intrinsic to your soul. It is who you are and what you came from. Never let anyone tell you that beauty is defined in certain ways, for beauty is the essence of all things, and all things are beauty, if they surrender to their source deeply enough, they will know this as true.

Many blessings to you and I am looking forward to working with you more deeply as you call upon me, as I honour the doorway of your free will choice, and await your sacred invitation to flow more deeply into your life.


In essence,





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