Archangel Ariel Guided Meditation

Practice this meditation with Archangel Ariel to connect more deeply with Mama Gaia. You can download this meditation as mp3 by signing up with your name and email below. You can also learn more about Archangel Ariel below. Enjoy!

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Archangel Ariel is one of my faves!

She is an angel associated with the environment, the care of the Earth, and the faerie and elemental realms. She will help you uncover how your life purpose relates to taking care of Planet Earth, and all of the animals, plants, and people, who live here. 

You can ask Ariel for help everyday, in your own life, and for the help of the world! Remember, angels always honour our free will choice, so they can only do so much right now. But as more people awaken and honour their quest for inner wisdom, more and more people will be opening the doorway for these beings, and they will be able to help in a much greater way!

So thank you for being open to these messages + for calling on these beings whenever you can remember. Eventually it will become second nature. 

Here are a couple of ways to get in touch with Archangel Ariel:

  • Ask for guidance. "Archangel Ariel, show me how I can help the earth" Since Ariel is earth associated, she's also linked to our financial + material prosperity, and geographical home locations. "Archangel Ariel, thank you for sending money my way! I am open to a more prosperous reality."
  • Start displaying your reverence for the environment. Pick up plastic from the streets and throw it away, change your shampoo + laundry detergent to earth-friendly soaps (ie. not Tide, Herbal Essences etc. Major brands are poisonous for the ocean), start volunteering for an environmentally focused non-profit, etc.  

And of course, meditate with her! Enjoy the meditation above.

xo Beth