Archangel Michael oversees our life purposes, and deeply helps to clear any negativity or fear that is around or within us. 

Working with this Archangel consistently will give you:

  • Clarity on your life's purpose
  • Clearer energy 
  • Boundaries so you can invite only people with good vibes into your space
  • Courage to do what is needed
  • Protection

Practice the meditation above, and in addition, practice calling on Michael everyday, with whatever you need. Even though I spoke of his ability to help with life purpose + energy clearing, he really can do anything, or guide us to what we need. 

Say anything like:

"Archangel Michael, thank you for guiding me and sending me light today."

"Archangel Michael, what would be the best food to get for my body at the grocery store today?"

"Archangel Michael, please help me communicate with ________."

"Archangel Michael, what are my next steps in life?"

Big or small requests, as often as you'd like (and the more, the better) ~ you can call on Michael for anything!

Lots of love,

xo Beth