You’re a powerful being of light, here to seed a deeper vibration of love onto this planet, through embodying your physical body temple.

You may know this on a mental level, but wonder…

‘Why is this so easy to forget?’

‘What are the next steps to embody my life’s purpose?’


‘I know what I need to do, but why do I lack the focus + courage to follow through?‘

Maybe you’re in a job you know is not for you, or maybe you know what steps you’d like to take to embody your calling - but you can’t get the courage to act on it, consistently…

What gives?

When we forget about our angelic support system, life is more difficult and confusing. As we try to navigate the world through our sheer willpower alone, leaning on the mind, and the words and teachings of others - we feel disconnected from our true source of power and clarity, which is within.

Angels are here to help you come back to your true power, over and over again. Archangel Michael, in particular, will act as a mentor, a friend, and a healer for you - helping to clear the veils of forgetfulness so you can be clear about what you’re supposed to be doing. Furthermore, he’ll activate the Lightworker fire that lives inside of you, so you have the courage and energy to follow through on the steps you’re being given for your Divine Purpose.  

Let Archangel Michael activate + guide you, so you are clear and courageous as you embody your Divine Life’s Purpose.




When you sign up, I’ll send you some information about who Archangel Michael is, and why I feel your soul + him have already been connected for lifetimes.


We’ll meditate with Archangel Michael and clear all that is in the way of your innate knowing regarding your life purpose. Archangel Michael will give you a potent activation to allow your knowingess to rise to the surface of your awareness.


We might know what we’re to pursue + embody, but what about the fear that holds us back? Today, we’ll receive an angelic healing through a guided meditation, to transmute the past life + ancestral fears that have been holding you back from taking soul-fueled action.


Today, I’ll share with you a powerful prayer, as an audio, in which you’ll repeat after me. You can use this repeat-after-me-prayer, in the morning, daily (or, whenever you’d like) - to call Archangel Michael’s potent assistance to you + experience a shift. This will create a sacred blueprint for you, to create your own prayers.

BONUS - LIVE CEREMONY - Activate your higher dimensional chakras

In this live ceremony* on September 27th, we’ll activate our Higher Dimensional chakras with Archangel Michael’s assistance. This will enable us to leap into the 5D reality which is being seeded and grounded onto Planet Earth now - helping us to become embodied wayshowers of the new reality. What will shift in your life as a result of this activation?

*A recording will be provided, if you can’t make it live.



My journey with Archangel Michael started when I was a pre-teen. My mother had a spiritual awakening when I was growing up, and though, I truly didn’t understand most of what she was getting into - I did hear one piece clearly - ask Archangel Michael for help. And so, I would ask him for help on my tests, or call in him fairly randomly, not exactly sure if my calls were really doing anything.

Fast forward to my own spiritual awakening when I was 19, I soon after became engrossed in the world of angels - gravitating most notably to Archangel Michael. As I journeyed through the final days of a University degree that was priming me to go into the corporate world - I longed for a deeper sense of purpose - a different life path than the one I had previously envisioned. As I worked deeply with Archangel Michael, I was guided every step of the way. At first - to draw up a business plan for a spiritually based business that I started when I graduated. From then, I rode the waves of change and awakening, and ended up becoming an intuitive coach who worked with Spirit Guides and Angels to deeply support my clients on their journeys.

But it’s less about what I was guided to do on the outset, and more about the inner world - when it comes to purpose. Since working with Archangel Michael, I have become simultaneously crystal clear, and fiery, when it comes to my purpose. Firstly - to embody love, and secondly - to share that love through the ways my soul feels called.

I can no longer relate to people who share that they’re confused about their purpose, and feel unclear about what they’re doing on earth. I am focused, determined, and committed to my role on this planet. This, I feel, is largely because of my work with Archangel Michael - who helped to activate, awaken, and guide me. He always makes sure I’m focused on what’s important.

If you’d like to be clear about your purpose, to have the courage to act on what you need to act on, and to feel you are anchoring light onto this planet, each and every day - sign up for this free journey, above! Let Archangel Michael support you.