5 Ways to Instantly Up Your Mood

1. Take Vitamin D - Winter can be a beautiful time of coziness, inward expression, and warm times indoors. However all this indoor time usually results in less exposure to sunlight, and therefore, less exposure to the 'Happy Vitamin' - Vitamin D! We can circumvent this by supplementing. When I started on the Vitamin D about 3 weeks ago, I noticed an instant improvement in my mood.

Keep in mind, it's important to be taking a high quality source, as some forms of Vitamin D don't readily absorb into our system. To learn about your best options (like Cod Liver Oil + Liquid Drops), check out this post by Harmonic Arts. You'll also find out lots more (+ totally herbalist) information, on how to stay happy and healthy in the winter!


2. Put On Your Favourite Classical Music, Lie Down, and Breathe - Mine is the soundtrack from the movie Ever After, composed by George Fenton (who also created the music for Planet Earth). Classical music has an incredibly soothing and inspirational effect on our systems. Plenty of scientific research backs this up. The trick to this tip, however, is to lie down, while you're doing this, and breathe deeply in your belly. This will ease tension you've gathered in and around your Second Chakra, making it easier to relax and find joy in the simple things.


3. Spend at least 2 Hours Outside - Yes I said 2 hours. ;) :D Most of us are keenly aware of the magic that happens when we spend time outdoors, but often, especially in winter, our forays out into nature tend to be short lived. Challenge yourself by organizing an activity, either solo or with friends, that will motivate you to be outdoors for that long. Whether it's skiing, skating, garbage collecting on your favourite beach, or simply going for a hike, get your body and lungs breathing in that gorgeous air. You'll feel amazing!


4. Learn about Something You're Really, Really Interested In - When we spend time learning about what we love, something happens. Perhaps it connects us to past lives, our life missions, or even to a fond childhood memory. Either way, it's a pretty awesome feeling to get engrossed in new subject matter. My super love right now is learning about herbalism. I'm currently reading this book, loving it, and learning so much. I feel more purposeful, more powerful, when I sit down to engage my mind in what I love.

What about you? Does history tickle your fancy? Perhaps you'd like to learn about Ancient Egypt, the costumes, and the culture? Maybe it's nutrition. Or the lymphatic system. Or how waves are created in the ocean. It could be anything! Just get learning, it'll brighten your spirits!


5. Laugh - Simple? Yes. Obvious. Yes? How often to we make a point of it? Uhhhh.. Good Point. :)

Laughter is the best medicine ever. It instantly uplifts the spirits. But how we can laugh on cue? What can be funny when we're not feeling that great? Well dear, dear friends... I introduce you to the wonders of YouTube. There are some hilarious people on that beautiful website. My go to for laughter is Ellen, the girls gets me. I'm also a big fan of Kid President. Go searching. Find something hilarious. Spend an hour laughing. Your life will be WAY better, I promise! ;) :D