Soul Thoughts on a Full Moon

Full Moon Blessings. I adore Cancer. She's my Sun. What I was born into in order to come to my fullest potential, in a way I never have before. She's ruled by the moon, has watery depths, yet there's a warm nurturing quality to her, that can sometimes be too soft. Bending to other people's will to make sure everyone feels like they have what they need. Opening up to the gifts of this tendency, so I can find solace on the other side. 

Soul thoughts on a Full Moon.

After a naked cedar sauna with new friends, an ecstatic dance in the Heart's Garden. And a short walk underneath the moon in all her glory. 

Why does she affect us so?

And what is it about Cancer, that makes me fall so deeply, softly, fully + en ravenously in love?

I love you moon. I love you Cancer. Thank you for being good friends.

xo Beth