He Came to Me in a Dream


He came to in a dream.

How many times has he come? I don't know, often. 

This time, in a different body. He likes to do that. 

His familiar energy makes my whole being light up, and it lasts long after I awaken. I feel playful, intrigued, already fully in love with whoever this is. I know him. No. I know it. This is a soul, not a human, and it's that realization that makes this all the more exciting. 

We intrigue each other. Sometimes he's my brother. Sometimes my lover. Sometimes he's even Justin Bieber. Hahaha. Yes. I did just say that. Perhaps he uses the little Bieb's body to tell me about music, or wild success, or maybe he just knows that I love boyhood, and always will. That rebellious, silly, wild and free energy, that so many men seem to lose as they move onwards in life. But not him. His boyhood is fully present and untamed, and that makes me really really happy. 


When will he come? Out of the dreamworld, and into my life in the physical?

I don't know. 

Perhaps next month, or next year. Maybe not even then. Maybe it will take longer. 

But in this moment, it doesn't seem to matter. 


Because I feel him. No... I feel it. He's just an energy. As are all of us. 

The support, the encouragement, the love, the fun, the play. The laughter, the promise, the openness, and the cosmos. I can feel it like a guardian angel surrounding me. And it's beautiful.

He told me near the end of the dream, 'You feel this? This love, this excitement? All of this is within you. You don't need me for it. You can experience it anytime you want.'

And so I will. I will take it with me today, and everyday. Not because I'm desperately waiting on some promise from the future, but because I'm opening up to the true, valid, very accurate fact, that everything I desire to feel, is already within me now


Happy cosmic dreaming lovers, 

Pay attention to the whispers, pay attention to the dreams, 

xo Beth