Keep Up With Astrology

Image: Soul Nebula

Image: Soul Nebula

Ever since I started keeping up with astrology, I don't feel quite so alone.

Often we ladies, especially those with our moons / suns in water signs, can feel intensely, think profoundly, and contemplate muchly, without necessarily feeling like anyone else is doing the same. 

Tapping into astrology is a bit like tapping in to the collective consciousness. The different aspects, retrogrades, directs, moons in signs, and much more, affect us all in different ways, but often, have a common theme. When we reach out to understand these common themes, we realize we're all in this together. We're all experiencing the same things, the same human dramas, the same feelings of love and lightness, the same feelings of heaviness and darkness.

It is my belief that, wherever you're at, astrology can have something for you.

To tune into the ever changing tides of the cosmos, I often find myself on Mystic Mamma. This week, she shares well known Astrologer Kaypacha's report:


“We’re all diving down into the underworld of our unfelt feelings these next couple weeks. Let it up and let it out and don’t make it too real. This period can best be described as ‘weird’ so don’t get too ‘weirded out!’ I suggest it is all about ‘enlarging your space’….. we all need to give ourselves a bit more room to move, feel, react, and release….. take some time to yourself, for yourself and let others have their space, too…. Self knowledge sometimes costs but is well worth the price in the end.”


For the rest of Kaypacha's widsom, head this way!


Happy Cosmic Learning!

xo Beth