A Powerful Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse - Your Moon Day Oracle for April 14 - 20

Hi loves!

Ooh baby! This week begins with the über powerful Full Moon in Libra combined with the Lunar Eclipse.

Optimistic chaos is in the air, and we’re being asked to allow the changes that are occurring to flow through us, no matter how uncomfortable or intense they may feel. 

Trust your inner wisdom this week, and make sure you are spending your time in places, and with people, who make you feel good! Allow yourself to say no to those who aren’t serving your highest and best right now, while you focus on whatever it is that your soul is calling for. 

Watch this week’s Moon Day Oracle to get the full scoop! 

I’ve gotta say - it’s a pretty incredible thing to tune in to the cosmos, and when we do it together, the energy is amplified! So...

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Lots of love dear ones!

xo Beth

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