What's your ritual this week? Your Moon Day Oracle for April 21 - 27

Hi loves!

Have you been feeling the intensity this week? Perhaps you've been more irritated than usual, or feeling a bit overwhelmed or scattered?

There's an astrological reason for that! (Of course, tehe!)

This week marks the peak of the Grand Cross - and in simple terms - it means that we're being challenged more than usual.

But don't worry, as my guides told me before recording this week's video: "Great chaos always precedes great change.'

It's all about transformation, baby, so let's work with those powerful energies, rather than against them - and channel our extra emotions into meaningful rituals that will help to create the change we seek. 

In this week's Moon Day Oracle, I challenge you to create your own ritual. This is manifesting work at it's most magical - and don't worry - 'Ill give you a ton of ideas to get you started.

Be sure to watch 'til the end, when I share a personal story involving flying beasts in my room after a night of ceremony (It's a true story I promise!) :D

Don't forget to comment below with your ritual idea for the week!

There are no wrong answers  -  I highly recommend you create one, even if it's über simple! You'll be hooked once you start this form of manifestation and intention work: it's divinely feminine & connects you (big time!) to your inner witch. 


May the rituals begin!

xo Beth