Let April Go! -- Your Moon Day Oracle for April 28 - May 4

Hi loves,

I’ve been projecting that April would have it’s challenges since it started. 

We’ve gone through the Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon, we’ve navigated the peak of the Grand Cross, and now, we’re closing the window of one of the stormiest times of the year, in today’s Solar Eclipse + New Moon!

Everyone has had different experiences this month, but across the board, all of us have had unique challenges, and with that, opportunities to choose a path that suits us better. Many repressed emotions  have come up - whether that be in the areas of relationship, career, finances, etc. 

My advice to you this week, is not to dwell on the challenges of April. Let it go, let the past be the past, and with gratitude, turn your face towards the sun!

New Moons are always a potent phase to plant seeds, and with this New Moon being in fertile and grounded Taurus,  this week marks the perfect time to focus on that which you’d like to create. 

What are you looking forward to? Do you have any exciting plans this summer? What do you love about today, about right now? All of these are good questions to ask yourself at this time. 

Let the past be the past, and trust that any leftover bits of it will be dealt with by Sprit, while you're enjoying the sunlight! 

Watch this week’s Moon Day Oracle to go deeper with me!

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I love you all dearly, soak up those ray-beams this week!

xo Beth