Can your Mind be a Good Thing?

Hey lady loves!

Would you say your mind gets in the way of what you want? Like you wish you could just shut it off, and go about your day?


But... what if I told you, there’s actually nothing inherently wrong with the mind at all? 

That despite tons of spiritual literature describing the mind as the ‘enemy’, there’s actually nothing bad about it?

Interesting, right?

You see - the mind is just like money. It’s neutral!

It’s affect on your life, and in the world, lies directly in how you use it!

As we’re in the season of Gemini (the most ‘in the mind’ of all the signs), and approaching the New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, the mind + our relationship with it might be coming up more than usual. 

Watch this week’s Moon Day Oracle to dive deeper + receive some life changing homework that will leave you feeling amazing, thinking amazing, and therefore attracting amazing!



Here is the link to Gabrielle Bernstein's talk at Google. Listen to it while doing dishes, cleaning, or absolutely nothing, and I promise you will be left loving your mind and it's potential!

Lots of love, and have a great week!

xo Beth

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