Complimentary Coaching Sessions With Me - A First Ever!

A few weeks ago I finally got around to listening to a workshop Gabby Bernstein had put on in May for spiritual teachers and healers. 

Anytime I listen to Gabby 'riff' as she calls it, I feel a deep spark of inspiration that inevitably turns into a fire over the course of the next few hours and days. 

The workshop was focused on how the new generation of spiritual teachers can more fully step into their roles, elevate their brand, and expand their businesses with the mindset of serving. 

It was a powerful 90 minutes, and by the end of it, a floodgate of new ideas and inspiration had come through me. 

Most notably, the remembrance, louder this time than ever - that in terms of my business and my healing practice - it's NOT ABOUT ME, it's about the healing of the world and what I can give to it. What will my authentic contribution be?

After that, I knew that I had the opportunity to give on a greater level. 

I've been toying with the idea of creating a 3 month coaching program for many months, but never truly made it happen. I always wondered if it would be the right fit for me, as I like to have a lot of freedom and room in my schedule. 

But after listening to that talk, I knew that I not only had an opportunity to powerfully shift the lives of my clients, but also to give fearlessly to all beings, even those who may never end up working with me. 

So very recently, I've done it! I've created a 3 month coaching program that's designed to take young female lightworkers to the next level of their journey.

And because what I really want is to see young women BLAST off into their purpose - I decided to give free 30 minute sessions to anyone interested in working with me. 

I've never done this before. I've always attached a dollar amount to a session with me. Why? Because I know I'm fiercely good at what I do and I wanted to be compensated for it. 

But now I simply feel - I just need to give what I've got. I need to express it. I need to give. I need to use my talents + gifts just as you need to use yours. 

Since I've had this shift, and released this offer of both the coaching program and the free sessions, a miraculous transition has occurred. 



My sessions are probably 3x as more potent as ever before. The information is flowing through me now in such a way that I feel more engaged with my purpose than I've ever felt in my life. I feel this is because my level of commitment to my work, my purpose, and my service mentality has increased.

Feeling this... this sense of power and purpose, is truly empowering. And I want everyone to experience it.

You have a purpose, and the more you step into it, the more you will shine in all areas of your life. 

Book your free session with me now if you feel like you resonated the slightest bit with this post. I want to serve you! I want to help you in any way I can. And if it's a fit - we can have 3 months working closely together and you will be an absolute priority in my life :)


Lots of love!

xo Beth