The She Has Returned

Feeling the fire in my belly, 

As She visits me,

She wants no promises, 

And nothing to be done,

She simply wants to roar, 

And scream, and twist, and moan,

About the battles yet to be won,

In a day and age, so many women think they are free,

They still are slaves, to what we call, patriarchy.


No more doing doing doing, all the fucking time,

Let us stop, and just be, 

Trusting in the divine, 

I want you to know that I get what you want,

But it won't come from pushing or shoving,

It won't come from hustling or bustling,

And it won't come from feeding, 

Any more energy, 

To that unsatisfied bull, 

That lies rampant and crazy,

At the heart of our current system.


What you want... 

Ah dear ones, what you want...


It will come from the unknown of the night, 

The willingness to just Be, 

With your feelings, 

With the darkness, 

All of it.

It will come when you get clear, 

On what you really want, 

And let it come to you, sweet ones.

Let it come to you, let it come.

It is coming.


For you are a gem, 

In eternity,

And your striving, 

Comes from a belief, from a place...

That tells you, you're not. 


So let us stop striving, 

Let us halt in doing, 

And let us trust that the Universe

Is real. 

Is here. 

Is waiting, 

Until we finally get it. 


The She has returned. 

Will you let her in?