New Moon in Capricorn Meditation

Hi loves!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn!


I’m having such a Capricorn day right now… painting some trimming and doors in my house, re-potting plants, and getting organized ~ Capricorn is all about those one-step-at-a-time moves that help to ground us + build a strong foundation!

What a beautiful way to ring in the New Year. This moon will affect us all differently though, which is why it is so fabulous to meditate and connect in, so you can receive guidance that is PERSONALLY right for you!

So… you know it! I have a meditation video for you. In it, we’ll:

  • Connect with the New Moon in Capricorn + our spirit guides and angels to see what this moon is all about
  • Pull an angel tarot card and talk about the current energy
  • Get fired up about rocking our life purposes, one step at a time

If you want to join the Angel Meditation Challenge I talk about in the video, click here!

Lots of love!

xo Beth