☽ New Moon in Aquarius Meditation ☾

Hey babes!

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

This moon is all about listening to those points of truth in your life, that just can't be ignored. In a really good way! Truths that, when revealed... have the potential to skyrocket our happiness and leave us feeling all the good feelings, if we're willing to listen. That whole inner guidance thing!!! The energy is moving forward, and we're invited to hop along with it! It's also the Chinese New Year (Year of the Monkey! That sounds fun :D) 

Monday's New Moon goes exact at 6:39am PST, and will be followed by a void-of-course moon. This adds a wild card element to this New Moon, and really ~ anything could happen! That's always the truth, but I have a feeling this moon could bring some interesting new aspects to the mix, or even some surprises ;) :D

Now, let's get into it! In this meditation video, you'll learn lots more + we'll meditate to receive DIRECT guidance from the New Moon itself ~~~ the ultimate way of getting hooked up with the answers if I do say so myself. #moonlove :D

To join the group I mention in the video, Angel Coaching with Beth Katherine, click here!

Lots of love! xo

Ps. Music I'm digging right meow...

Sofia Karlberg - Let it Go