Lady Lightworkers: ☽ How to Get Clear on Your Gifts + Offerings ☾ {VIDEO + RITUAL}

Recently I opened up my journal, to find my intentions from my ritual on the New Moon in Scorpio, about 6 months ago.

One of my main intentions was to get clear on my business.

'What to work on? What to offer? Where to spend my time?' And not only that... when we search for clarity, it's like this full body search for a KNOWINGNESS that just helps us to feel good, whole, and totally complete in the moment.  

Clarity is a big form of abundance, that doesn't get talked about so often.

Anyhoo... it is now the Full Moon in Scorpio, and may I tell you, my ritual worked! (Obvi...:D) Here I am, typing this away, feeling crazy clear on my business. I am super clear on my gifts, what I can offer, what to spend my time on, and I literally have the next 6 months of my biz mapped out because I just know what to do... and let me tell you... that has never happened before!

The point of this magical story is that RITUAL, setting clear intentions, and doing one more thing (that I will mention in the video), can definitely bring you the clarity you need. 

Mostly when we think manifesting, we thing external things coming our way. But you better believe we can manifest states of being... in this case, CLARITY. Clarity on your gifts, and what you would love to offer the world in your beautiful spiritually-based business.

Watch the video below... You are about to get super clear on your gifts, your future offerings, and where to most effectively spend your time + energy. 


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