What a psychic told me last week...

Last week, I was feeling really off about a certain relationship in my life.

For months I had tried to meditate on it, as well as journal and pull tarot cards… but something just wasn’t clicking. I was feeling stuck, and I wasn’t into it, so I did what too few of us are in the practice of doing… I reached out for help. 

I messaged an intuitive I’ve been following for years, and booked a session with her.

Why does an intuitive need an intuitive you ask? (Actually you probably didn’t ask because the answer is fairly obvious haha, but whatevs) 

I knew I had blind spots. 

I had been so attached so a certain outcome in the relationship, that I knew I was no longer able to see it clearly. 

When I work with clients, I have no attachments, I am a totally outside observer who can remain neutral ~ so in this way I can hear and feel what I need to hear and feel with no interruption. 

But… I was pretty invested in this situation, so I wanted some assistance. 

Within minutes of getting on the call, I was not only receiving information about the relationship, but receiving a ton of other valuable insight I didn't expect. 


Some highlights of the session were:

  • You and this person had a soul agreement that began in a past life. He hasn’t honoured the agreement, so you are free to release it (pheww, that was a relief)
  • You are expanding a lot, and are going to be starting to adventure and travel again in this next phase of your life. This adventuring has a purpose. 
  • My relationships are much more about choice than I had let myself understand. Destiny has much less of a role than good old fashioned… Free Will choice


...Now there was lots more that she told me that I won’t get into now, but the point is, after I had the session, a weight lifted. I literally pranced around for the next 2 days yelling “IM FREE!” whenever I felt like it. Muahahaha. 

So my dear lightworker, I ask you… do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Are there any sticky points in your relationships, or your decisions, that you simply haven’t been able to “figure out” on your own?


If so, then I have some news… For the last year I have not offered personal angel intuitive readings, because I wanted to focus on helping young women build their spiritually-based businesses. I wanted to establish myself as an intuitive business coach, so much of my focus went into building that new part of my business. 

Now that I’m established in that way, I feel it is time:

I am now re-opening my intuitive angel readings for the public, with a few changes. 

In these angel readings, I work with your Spirit Guides + Angels to zone in on exactly what is going on, from a higher-level perspective. Through the call, we blast through the blocks you’ve been experiencing and give you clarity + AHA moments that cause a good deal of my clients to say this specific phrase… This is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you.

You can book your angel call about anything and everything. I can help you with your personal relationships, career choices, financial concerns, health questions, or any decisions that you need to make - because I work with your divine support system, it is just a matter of tuning in and channeling what you need to hear. 

Since it is my birthday in just a few days, I thought I’d offer you a fun (and very helpful) bonus, if you book your call by July 2nd (my day of birth yo).

If you book by July 2nd, you will receive:

  • A 45 minute session with me.
  • 3 guided meditations I choose personally for you at the end of the call.
  • And BONUS: A free 20 minute follow up call with me, which can be booked at any time in the future.


So yes, if you book a session by my birthday - you will literally receive a free session with me. (You can schedule your call for anytime this month or in July, you just need to BOOK it by then)

That is amazing if you ask me :D

If you’re in need of clarity + specific direction (I don’t do wishy washy, you will get specific answers…) You can learn more about the sessions, and book your call here. 

Please my beautfiul soul sister, know this. You are not meant to walk this light working journey alone. There is a team of healers, intuitives, coaches, and support workers that are available for you at any time.

As my mother once told me… “It takes a village to raise a healer.” Reaching out, and getting support when you need it, is always a good thing.



So much love!

xo Beth Katherine