How to Receive Messages From Your Spirit Guides + Angels

Over the past few years (or at least few months!) , you've probably been newly exploring your spiritual side, and with that, opening up to some new ideas.

Whether that's discovering a love for crystals, or purchasing your first deck of oracle / tarot cards... the mystical side of life has been opening up for you. And with that... you've probably been hearing about angels + spirit guides. 

I remember, about 5 years ago now, when I started to open up to the existence of these divine beings.

I had started a meditation practice, and was feeling like I really wanted to explore my spiritual path. I wanted to open up to more + explore the idea that more was out there, than met the eye. 

... I remember the first time I tried to work with Archangel Michael.  

I had been reading a book called "Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette, and in it, she gave us an exercise to invoke the presence of this powerful angel. All we had to do, was repeat his name a few times, and invite him in for help.

When I tried it, I was sitting in my car, outside of the bank, and with shaky confidence, repeated his name. "Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael." I felt a simple shift in energy, hardly perceptible, but I did notice it... And... from that point on, my life changed.

I continued to work with angels from that point on, and started to connect with my Spirit Guides on a regular basis.

As I began doing so, I began to feel more supported. I started to receive messages through meditation from my divine support system, and my dreams started to intensify. Not only that, I was receiving guidance through my dreams that I never remembered experiencing before. 

I also started to feel safer in life, as I truly felt these beings were guiding me + protecting me. 

Fast forward to today, with constant practice and a commitment to my connection with these beings... I have a professional practice that allows me to deeply help many people with my ability to channel messages from the other realm. 

Yet the thing about this abliity... the ability to receive messages from your Spirit Guides + Angels is...

Everyone can do it.

It is not for the few, the special, or the chosen. Everyone on earth is capable of connecting with their divine support system, yet we've been raised in a society where this ability has been deemed as "crazy"... so we've learned to shut our natural abilities down. 

Well.. let's change that. It's time to open up and learn to receive guidance in this way again, because we can not only help ourselves with this ability, but we can also have a profound effect on the world, as we go about our day in a much more guided, connected way.

In this new video workshop, I walk you through 3 major steps to receiving messages from your Spirit Guides + Angels. 




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