Messengers From The Faerie Realm... Are You One Of Them?

Sleeping this morning, I found myself in a wash of realms, scene after scene leading me to an opening, where 2 beings sat down before me.

There were supposed to be police officers, but as I looked more closely, I could see the features of the man. He was sitting on the left. Grey hair, pointy ears, and distinctly elemental features... I placed 3 crystals in his hand, and one started to heat up and change colours. "You are from the dragon faerie realm", I told him, channeling what I knew to be true.

Upon waking, I felt more connected to the realm in which I know I am from.

The following is for my sisters and brothers who have come from the lands and the times and the spaces which are not human. This blog post may be quite hard to follow if you are not a) from these realms or b) awoken to the fact that there are an infinite amount of different dimensions and realities other than the one we live in as humans.

If you are ready to move on with me, dive deeper, and uncover some more of who you are... then keep reading.

. . .


I don't really know when I figured out that I'm not really human, at my core.

By that I mean, that my soul is not used to be human. That maybe I've done this human thing a few times, maybe a dozen, but NOTHING in comparison to how long my soul has spent just as my light body, in the realms of the elementals - that is, the faeries, the tree spirits, animals, the ocean spirits, mermaids, elves, etc - and as a being who lives on or around other planets, in other dimensions.

I can tell you right now that I came to this planet to help. I did not come to undo my own karma or to save myself in any way. I am outside of the matrix. And you are too, I'm sure, if you are reading this. The matrix is a web of pain, lies, and fear that exists around our planet. Some may call it the pain body of our planet. If you are caught in the matrix, then you are not able to see clearly, and need a potent amount of restoration to reconnect you to the truth of this unlimited Universe. But your soul is not damned. Nobody's soul is damned. That's pure bullshit fed to you by religions who have been overtaken by energies that do not serve Source.

Yep, things are getting quite spiritual and far out... I warned you at least haha. Welcome to how I think. Some of you are probably like YEP ME TOO... HOW I THINK, THANK GODDESS.

Ok.. moving on. I know I was an orca, myself. Ive spent time as a whale, many whales actually. The whales are my family here on planet earth, many of them have incarnated as humans to help this planet as well. And when I find incarnated whales.. BOOM. Let me tell you... Soul family. Immediately. It's just that most incarnated elementals still havent quite woken up to who they are. But still.. they are soul family.

. . .


The thing is when you are an animal or when you are from the faerie realm... people have stopped listening. Where once, talk fae folk was common, as was listening to them, and honouring them... now, if you say these things in mainstream society, you may find people want to send you to the crazy ward.

So that's unfortunate, because the faeries are very real. The realm of the elementals is very real. Elementals are not just from Planet Earth, there are many different kinks all over the galaxy and beyond. Elementals is a broad word for the fae folk, for the nature spirits. Nature as we refer to it, exists all over the Universe, not just on Planet Earth.

So back to humans not listening.

Many of us incarnated as humans, because we felt, or we knew, it was the only or best way to create change. The environment is being destroyed in many parts of the world. Animals are going endangered at record speed. Disrespect for the Earth Mother and her creatures is rampant. Humans are suffering from the delusion that they are on top, and nothing, and no one else matters.

We came here to speak up.

To lend a voice and our healing, when we knew that our previous posts on the other side of things... were no longer working like we wanted.

Only the bravest boldest, or most focused of us have incarnated as humans. It is too intense, too violent of place for most of us. And we've received lots of training to be here.

The things is, even with all of this, the training, and the intention... we suffer from terrible amnesia once we are here. The density of this dimension is so strong, that we are no longer able to access the information that was once readily available. Actually, we can access it, but only with deep journeying, and a constant commitment to awakening.

We suffer from the delusion that we are human, and there is little to no real magic in this world, once we show up. Only a few among us will remember from the get go, who we truly are. This is starting to change, as the waves of lightworkers come in, and children are more readily being raised in natural environments. We dont need parents to tell children who they are. We need children to tell parents who they are, and be raised by the natural world, for the most part.

Being an elemental, incarnated as a human, is tricky.

We are naturally very sensitive, and very passionate. We feel anger and rage, but we don't know where it comes from, unless we've tuned in to the deeper parts of ourselves, and realize that our family is being slaughtered, and we have witnessed it. Not only that, but we've ingested their pain, as we have all eaten factory-farmed meat and tortured dairy products at some point. The pain lives inside of us, until we do something about it.

That is why we are here. To do something about it.

If you are an incarnated elemental, you will not find true peace, unless you are helping the environment. That is your life's purpose. It can be done in many ways. MANY ways. But you must help. It is your soul's mission.

. . .


How do you know if you are an elemental?


  1. You love nature. As you awaken, you love it more intensely.
  2. You feel deep pain around the destruction of the environment. In fact, your deepest rage has probably stemmed from seeing footage of animal torture, or environmental crisis. (Not always, but probably)
  3. You have a natural affinity for song, dance, music, and creativity.
  4. You may have wanted to be a vegetarian when you were a child, or at least, were obsessed with animals.
  5. You feel a deep desire to help the world, and Mother Earth.


. . .

Why did it take me so long to write this blog post?

I have been wanting to write about incarnated elementals for quite some time. And I have LOTS more to say.

Probably because I feared it would be too far out, and I would lose some people. I'm a bit raw from being called crazy by people I truly care about.

But now Im getting to be more OK with that.

The elementals need us to speak up, both those who are incarnated, and those who are in the realms of fae. Everything is connected, and as Mama Earth suffers, so do the fae.

There is so much more to come about elementals, the fae folk, other dimensions, and how to connect with it all.

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May we awaken.