Are you unclear about what you want to offer the world? Read this!

Do you feel unclear about what you want to offer the world? Like you don’t know exactly where your gifts lie… so you’re going to wait for them to show, or invest in more training, before creating offers to give to the world?

Here’s the thing… when I started my business, then called Waves of Fire… I wasn’t offering angel readings, or spiritual business coaching.

I had really no idea that my work would evolve into that. I simply knew I was called to be of service.

And one day - I had an idea to offer crystal necklaces to spiritually-minded women, as a starting point.

Now, it’s not like I was insanely passionate about creating jewelry, and knew it was my calling - in fact, I’d never made a crystal necklace in my life. But I loved crystals, and I knew that it was a product that would be aligned with what I really wanted to be doing - spiritual teaching.

So I started creating the necklaces, and created a website - in which I shared many blog posts and videos - aimed at waking other young women up, and guiding them to listen to their inner voice + learn more about the spiritual path, in fun, and relatable ways.

After many months of offering these necklaces, and having conversations with many female clients - I realized I was starting to get messages from the angelic realms, that I was asked to pass on. Within a few months of offering channeled guidance - on a casual + free basis for my crystal clients - I realized that I could start offering stand-along channeling sessions.

Once I started offering angel readings, something fell into place.

I had this feeling, after the readings, that I’d never had before - like I was meant to be doing this work. Like I was really and truly helping people. It was like a click.

I’d never really had that feeling with crystal necklaces, even though I loved them. So I said goodbye to offering them, and walked into the role of a full-time coach - something that would have surprised me a year earlier.

Since then, I’ve been coaching, teaching, and now - helping other women create their own spiritually-based businesses.

I’m sharing this with you, because I realize that you may still feel unclear about what you have to offer.

You feel called to go deeper with your spiritual work - you feel like you could really help people with your personal stories, or maybe through healing potions, giving bodywork, or teaching yoga - but how it all comes together still may feel fuzzy.

Where do your gifts truly lie? What should you be offering as a product or service? What if you’re no good at it? What if you’re OK at it but someone else is better?

Well sister - I encourage you to chill out, and just start somewhere - because the way will unfold as you start walking.

No I was not über passionate about creating jewelry. No I did not feel like it was my ultimate calling in life. BUT I was curious. And I followed my curiosity, as Elizabeth Gilbert says. And when I did so, it eventually DID lead me to the click. (And by the way, there were many more ‘clicks’ to follow - it’s not just one thing in specific we’re meant to be doing - but more on that later). The point is - I started. I didn’t have the perfect roadmap, I didn’t know how it would all work. But I started. And that made all the difference.

If I waited around for my life purpose to fall into my lap, rather than just going out and doing what I could, with what I had - I wouldn't be sitting here writing this to you. Haha - I would probably still be waiting.

But that’s not my style - and, correct me if I’m wrong - but, I don’t think that’s your style either.

You’re a fire starter, a change maker - someone who came to this earth to give massive healing + love, any way you could.

So today siSTAR, I offer you a fire starter...
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Most people wait for life to happen to them.

We know, that life happens in RESPONSE to us. So when you take a step, the Universe will take one (or three) with you.

Take a step, and join us for the free training ... I’ll be helping you get clearer on your offerings, learn how to share your work in an authentic + effective way, and connect the dots for you on how to begin a business, when you have little to no experience in that world.

So much love sister, see you in the training! Again, you can sign up with the form above.