Don't have tons of money, or the perfect man? Here's why that's perfectly OK...

I've got to be real with you....

I'm a little bit tired of going on to someone's website, blog posts, etc --- and then seeing them say: "I have lots of money, the perfect partner, and all the material things I wished for! I'm living the life of my dreams --- Let me show you how!"

Patriarchy is just washed all over that.

Listen sister...

This path is challenging. Earth life is challenging.

Sometimes we don't get what we want, sometimes our soul wants us to stay single to truly and deeply learn and grow.... sometimes the money doesn't show up, or we are re-routed to a better option that will simply take more time. Sometimes our path of learning takes longer than someone else's. Sometimes we are doing deep work for the collective, and we need to look a certain things, and feel our pain. Sometimes we have past life issues that we are working with, which others don't.

If you are not running a successful business, don't have tons of money, don't have the perfect partnership...

There is nothing wrong with you.

Your soul knows what it's doing.

At the end of the day self-love is what really matters.
How you feel about YOU really matters.
Your connection to the Divine + to the Earth really matters.

There is nothing wrong with wanting beautiful things and beautiful relationships in your life... but I can't help but feel that many use the outside appearance of their successes for personal gain... without telling the whole story.

I encourage myself, and the rest of us... to let go of the comparing mind and realize that most of these fancy stories are simply marketing ploys to make you want to work with someone, and spend money with them.

I can tell you this because I use to do the same thing.

I remember sitting at the computer a few years ago, thinking how I could spin my life to make it sound REALLY AMAZING.. so I could build enough credibility to do what I wanted to do... coach and teach. Sure there were lots of awesome things going on in my life... but at that time I was dealing with a bit of depression.

Me trying to spin my life in a picture perfect way...  didn't last long. My soul knew better. Ups and downs are a part of the journey. Everything is temporary. Including the man. Including the money. We all die. All things release. It is the way of things.

Just a reminder... you are whole. You are perfect as you are. Your journey is unique. You are right where you need to be.