3 Steps to Feeling Sexier --- {From a Spiritual Perspective}

I remember growing up, there was this girl who I found to be really beautiful. She was darker skinned and exotic looking, and all the boys seemed to want her. I felt like she was just born with that sexy energy, and I on the other hand... was not.

It was like I was on the outside looking in.

I remember wondering what it would feel like to be her... to know you were sexy and just claim it, every time you walked into the room.

Fast forward many years, and I started to realize that all people are born with that attractive, sexy, powerful energy - regardless of what they look like. It's just that due to societal conditioning, whether that comes from our parents, our school, or even past lives - we learn to shut it off, and deny this raw magnetism that allows us to feel sexy on any given day.

Once I began to investigate my sexuality, and started to peel off stifling layers of shame - I began to reclaim my natural feeling of BEING SEXY! Woot woot! I no longer wait on the approval of men or women to dictate whether I'm attractive --- I've tapped into a reservoir of magnetic energy that we all have access to, and now when I walk around - I know I'm sexy, I've claimed it - whether someone throws me a glance or not.

It's fun to live this way, and in the video above, I give you 3 steps you can practice in your life, to awaken your own understanding of your sacred sexuality. Practicing these steps often will allow you to work through years of conditioning, so you no longer have to question whether you're inherently beautiful.

Have fun with the steps!

Lots of love!

xo Beth