The #1 Key for Creating Abundance as a Priestess


In the first 3 or 4 years of running my business, I struggled to make ends meet.

Yes, I was full-time with my work, and yes, I was absolutely loving what I was doing - but I felt this low-grade anxiety moving through my system about money all - the - time.

There were many, many times, where I didn't know how I would make my rent that month. There was also a time I remember when I needed to forage for berries just to eat fruit, because I literally had $0 in my bank account. (And I fucking love my fruit so I guess foraging for blackberries ain't so bad, BUT, it would have been nice to forage WHILE having money in the bank to eat, am I right?) 

Fast forward to 2 years later, and here I am - at a café in Greece eating a veggie burger, writing this letter to you, and looking forward to my flight to Egypt on Monday. I have an amazing hotel room with an awe-inspiring view here in Delphi... not the cheapest hostel bed I could find. I haven't had to touch my savings on this trip, because my monthly payments from my clients cover all of my expenses while traveling. I work on the road, and I feel deeply purposeful with what I do. It totally lights me up, beyond words are able to describe.

So... What the fuck changed? 

What changed was my understanding of how abundance comes to us, and undertaking a commitment to follow through on that new understanding, in my daily life. And I want to share this powerful shift in understanding today, with you. 

In this new video, I describe exactly how I create abundance in my life now. Watch it below + let's deepen into this journey of claiming abundance so we can actually do what the fuck we want to do in life... Shall we?

In the video, I also invite you to dive deeper into this topic with me, in a free 3 day course called Creating Abundance as a Priestess.

In this 3 day deep dive, we work with the Great Mother as the Source of our abundance, re-progam our sub-conscious energy around money, and I show you how to download divinely-inspired ideas that will resonate with your soul path, while bringing you abundance. 

You can sign up for the free 3 day training below. Want to learn more? Click here. 

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