Let's connect with Brigit

~this moon's Goddess!~

Brigit was (and still continues to be) an integral part of Celtic spirituality. She was incredibly important to the people of Ireland, and was celebrated in many European countries - and now, of course, all over the world, as our global culture starts to emerge.  

Brigit goes by many names, with many spellings. (Like Bride and Brighid)

I found it interesting to learn that the name Britain, is actually derived from the Goddess Brigit's name.

"Britain was named for an ancient Celtic tribe, the Brigantes, who worshipped Brigit and were the largest Celtic tribe to occupy the British Isles in pre-Roman times" - Susa Morgan Black

Apparently, the same is true of Brittany in France!

Brigit is a Goddess of Fire, inspiration, creativity, poetry, midwifery, healing, and is a guardian of children and animals. She had an important place in the daily life of the Celts, and was often called upon for help and guidance in all aspects of daily life. Poets and storytellers often work with her to fire up their creative inspiration, and tap into a deeper well of creative juice.

Even though Brigit is mostly thought of as a Fire Goddess, she is also associated with water, and some of the psychic arts and abilities that are often linked to water. 

In Christianity, Brigit was turned into a Saint. The reason for this, is that her celebration and devotion was so widespread and deep, that when the Christian church began "taking over" regions that were pagan + druid in nature, they needed to make a link between the "old Gods" and the new, incoming religion. They did this by turning many of the old Gods and Goddesses into Saints, or aspects of the Christian religion. This made assimilating the "old ways" easier. 

Brigit is celebrated most potently on Imbolc - which is, depending on who you talk to Feb 1st or Feb 2nd. This day, marks the coming of Spring, and is a holy day which celebrates the incoming light.

Now that we've learned a little bit about Brigit's history, let's receive a channeled message from Her!

From Brigit: "We often associate fire with anger, and this is an example of the misuse of fire. The creative fire cannot be tamed. It longs to be free, and in spiritual truth, it is free. But when we fragment our fire energy, and let it out only sometimes, in certain, acceptable ways, and in a controlled manner, with a desire for a certain outcome...  we end up injuring ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. 

We need to trust fire. Fire is not ours, it never has been. It is a divine force that moves through the Universe, that we have been gifted being vessels for. When we allow the One Flame to move through us, we are beacons for inspiration, are often filled with energy, and in many cases, will be asked to do things that push ourselves out of our comfort zones, in service of the One. 

Ask yourselves... "How am I using my fire energy? Or rather, am I letting my fire energy use me?" In what ways do you control or push for an outcome, using your creative juice as a hostage for what your mind wants to see happen.

Do you push or shove your creative energy in a certain way, to reach a certain outcome -- OR -- Do you allow the fire to flow through you, and let it show YOU what wants to be done?

We are often resistant to letting the flame pour through us, because it guides us in ways our ego mind, or our plans, did not see coming. The One Flame asks us to be BIG, BOLD, POWERFUL, and often LOUD, when we are called to be. The One Flame asks us to do this not for ourselves, but for the One. Often it is not apparent WHY the fire is moving through us this way, only that it is. 

This allowance of the One Flame asks us to trust in what you call the Universe, and the greater flow. It asks us to surrender into the now, and trust what is coming through. 

The results of this allowance, are for the fullest and best for all. It often takes time, but when we look at the greater picture, and as the One Flame runs through many of us who are listening, a beautiful mosaic of creation forms globally and universally, that again, takes time and a focus on the bigger picture, to see unfolding in it's radiance.

But trust the divine plan, and trust that the very act of allowing the One Flame to run through us, is a profound gift of joy, within and of itself."

Your guided meditations for the month, are below!



Guided Meditations for this Moon


Below are 3 meditations you can practice all month long, to deepen into the medicine of Brigit. 

The first one was made with Brigit specifically, and will help you connect directly with her. The next 2, Brigit guided me to select from my collection of guided meditations, as a way to connect more deeply with her medicine, and the guidance and love that is available to us at all times. 

Please note, you can download these meditations, by pressing the 'Download' link on the right hand side.