You've heard the call...

You woke up. You started doing "the work". Your life changed.

And now, you feel it's time to share your gifts + healing insights with the world...

Your dream is to make an income from your healing, spiritual, or wellness work,

while you travel the globe, have lots of time spent with soul family

+ Maybe even save up for that magical piece of land that you dream of, as well. :)

Yet... you have doubts about whether it's possible for you.

If you'd be a good enough healer, wellness coach, teacher, or artist. Or if it's even possible to make to make an income from healing work. (+ those doubts are completely normal, trust me... :))


☽◯☾ So sister... I ask...

Would you be served by having a guide + mentor to walk you

through the process of creating your own spiritually-based business?

your first coaching session with me is free!

I'd love to gift you your first coaching session, so you can try out the mentorship journey! You can book that call here.



I'd be so excited to help you start your spiritually-based business, with 5 months of private mentorship...



I'll be straight with you - I struggled for the first few years in business because I went at it alone, with no mentorship or training on how to run a modern + heart-based business. I didn’t know what to spend my time on.

What I gave to the world had beautiful intentions, but it was scattered.

When I started to work with mentors, join coaching programs, and get a little more serious about learning the ropes - things really started to shift. I became clear on how to share my work, and what I needed to spend my time on. I stopped waking up in the middle of the night worried about money, and started to feel more free, successful + expressed than ever before.

I've coached hundreds of women on how to live freer, more purposeful lives, and now I focus much of my energy + attention on helping young women start their own successful spiritually based businesses - even (and especially) if - they have no experience in putting themselves "out there".


Whats included in our 5 month+ journey together...



☽◯☾ 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions, every 2 weeks

Personalized guidance + powerful 1-on-1 sessions that will move you forwards each + every week. {Value - $1290 USD}

☽◯☾ a 30 min follow up session

You can use this session anytime within 6 months of finishing our journey together, so we can follow up + I can continue to support you on your journey. {Value - $67 USD}

☽◯☾ e-mail support in between sessions

If you have questions, need me to look something over, or simply want to connect - I'm always here for you via e-mail! {Value - $555 USD}

☽◯☾ a journey through the chakras

You'll receive a complimentary spot in my course "Becoming the Healer You're Meant to Be" - a 7 week journey through the chakras to activate your healing powers + get you clearer on why you came here. {Value - $277 USD}

☽◯☾ my meditation album - daughters of the earth

Receive deeper insights + be guided by your angels with my guided meditation album. {Value - $33 USD}

☽◯☾ A feature on my website

At the end of our journey together, I will interview you + post the dialogue on my website + social media channels. An excellent opportunity for exposure! {Value - Priceless}


Your investment...

The value? Over $2222 USD, but you'll pay:

$144 USD every 2 weeks, for 5 months

or $1333 USD paid in full!

☽◯☾ Other payment plans are available, we can chat about it during our clarity call!


☽ The first step in working with me 1-on-1 in this 5 month journey, is booking a complimentary call with me.

In this 30 min session, we'll give you insights, while feeling into if working together is a power match! ☾

{If it's a yes, we can go from there!}

What will I be helping you with?


☽◯☾ Prosperity Consciousness

☽◯☾ branding

☽◯☾ Website Design + Content Creation

☽◯☾ Creating Offerings from your Soul

☽◯☾ Marketing + attracting ideal clients

☽◯☾ Releasing the fear of putting yourself out there

☽◯☾ How to run your business with your angels + intuition

☽◯☾ & so much more!