Do you feel you could use some clear + powerful guidance at this time in your life?  

I'm excited to be offering these intensive intuitive coaching sessions - for a short time onlyto serve you on your path! 


These 1-on-1 intuitive coaching intensives are 80 minutes in length, and you can choose between 2 kinds of sessions:

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  • An Intensive to Grow Your Spiritually-Based Business

    If you choose this option, we will connect with where you are at on your journey of spiritually-based entrepreneurship. Whether you're just starting, or have been sharing your work for a little while - I can help you get a clearer picture of where you're at, where your opportunities lie, and insight and healing into any 'blocks' that may be preventing abundance, clarity, and momentum from coming your way. I marry my 6 years of full-time entrepreneurship with connecting with your Spirit Guides + Angels for a business session unlike anything you've experienced. After this session you will feel rejuvenated, your confidence will be boosted, and you will have a map of what to work on, and what to put your energy into, over the coming months. {Also includes 5 guided meditations I hand select for you}


  • An Intuitive Reading with your Spirit Guides, Angels + Chakras

    If you want to focus on your personal life (career, love, help in making decisions, clearing blocks, upping your confidence, etc) - this option would be the one for you! During our session, I will connect with your Spirit Guides + Angels, as well as look at your 7 main chakras, to get a clear reading on your life path. I'll be able to see blocks that are preventing you from moving forwards, and will give you detailed steps on how to transmute these blocks. I often get information about what would be wise for you to focus your energy on, and can help you make any sort of decision you may have on your mind - as the entire session is devoted to channeling messages from your Guides + Angels. These sessions are amazing, I've given hundreds, and every single client walks away feeling resonant + with a lot more clarity. I highly recommend! {Also includes 5 guided meditations I hand select for you}

If you decide one of these options is right for you, simply purchase your session by September 14th at 12pm PST ~ and I'll give you a link to book your session. You don't have to book your session right away, you can book it anytime between now and February 2019. I will only be offering this offer this week, and will not be re-opening it again for many, many months! This is an awesome opportunity to work with me, as I typically only offer my coaching through longer term programs and circles. 

The intensives are 80 min in length & also include 5 guided meditations I hand select for you, after our session, once I have a better idea of what you need + which mediations from my library can support you on your journey. 


How to book an intensive coaching session with beth...


Whether you want a spiritually-based business intensive, or an intuitive reading, the booking process is the same. Purchase a session below, Ill send you a link to my schedule, and at the start of our session, you can let me know which type of session you'd like. 

Simply choose between paying in full, or a payment plan, below. If you choose the payment plan option, I ask that you book your session once the payment plan has completed. Once you purchase a session, I will email you within 24 hours with your link to book in with me. {*I can book up 1-2 weeks in advance, just to note!}

Pay in full: $177USD. Purchase your session here. 

Payment Plan: $30USD once a week, for 6 weeks. Activate that + purchase your session, here. 


I will e-mail you within 24 hours of purchasing your session to send you your link to book :)

*Offer expires September 14th, 12pm PST. 


Working with Beth was an absolutely transformative coaching experience... Beth is quite skilled in cutting through spiritual spin out and setting you back on your path with clarity... I felt myself expand and embody my power in a radical way during my time working with Beth. She is a true priestess and a visionary. 

- Vida




Since working with Beth, I've healed and transmuted many things I thought were not possible for me.

- Sarah




Beth read right into my soul and offered the most loving and direct guidance and insights I could ask for! Thank you Beth for being so authentic and sharing your gifts in this way! 

- Kristin




Deciding to work with Beth is possibly the best decision I've ever made. - Bella



I'm so glad that I booked a session with Beth! She helped reveal the source of some underlying issues that I have been dealing with. I felt that I had more clarity and a deeper understanding of myself after our session.

- Jessica


Beth is so on point and it's amazing how she's able to instantly see and feel into what's really going on and how to help. I love how real and to the point she is. She lovingly cuts through to the truth with a knife like Kali.

- Danielle


Blessings xo

Photos by Alana Atto