Hey ladies!  So this was an interesting workshop :) I had some Wifi issues in my airbnb, so this workshop has 3 parts… 2 of which were live, the last which was recorded and not live, following the shenanigans of videos being dropped :)

However, all the information is here, (just in 3 videos, not 1 :)) - that I wanted to communicate with you for this session.

You can watch one video after the other for the full workshop experience :)

Your homework from this session is rewritten in steps below.

I also intend to create some more FB Lives with you over the next couple of weeks to really deepen into this part of the journey. 



Part 2


Please go through your HW steps from this segment below :)



1. Create a simple website if you don't have one already. I highly recommend - Squarespace makes it very easy to create a simple site. All you essentially need is a splash page on which you can offer a free gift in exchange for someone's email address. As we go along on this journey, you can add more - an about page, a blog, a page for your products and services, etc. If this really intimidates you, message me and I can help you with it. 

2. Sign up for a account. Create a list in your Mailchimp account. 

3. Go back to your website, and add a "Newsletter Box" - connect it with your Mailchimp account, and the list you've created. 

4. Now you've set up the system, technically speaking. You can add an automated email on Mailchimp to be sent when someone signs up for your email list, after you've decided on what your free gift will be in the next steps. You can also update your website to reflect what you free gift is .. describe it, etc

5. Breathe. It is normal to have anxiety at this stage when you are taking something to the next level and figuring out new skills. 

6. Heartstorm your free gift, and how you want it to work. Popular ways to create free digital gifts are in video series, e-books, guided meditations, 1-hour long workshops, and more! Have fun with it! You can't get it wrong. You'll have lots of opportunities to create more free gifts as you go along :)

7. Now, go about creating your free gift, and set it up with your e-mail system on your website. Again, if you need help with this, please let me know. In cases when you don't know exactly how to do something, Google is always your friend. Yes this stage with challenge you. Yes you need to challenge yourself to create something you've never created :)

8. Invite people to sign up for your free gift in your videos, your blog posts, and all around Social Media. This is something that you can share with people at any time, in any video, in any post. 

You did it!

I know, that was alot of HW in one go... but you're doing great!