Press play below to watch this first workshop in our Community Building module! The homework from the workshop is also listed below in writing for you. :)


Homework + Deepening Exercises:


1. Check in with yourself after the workshop - does creating a Private FB Group resonate with you? Do you feel a calling in your heart to create one?

2. If so, start to meditate on the sacred space you'll be creating.... heartstorm some intentions for the space. How would you like it to be utilized?

3. When you are ready to create the space, do so. Go into FB and create your Private FB Group.

4. Before or after you create the group, do a ritual. Ask for your Higher Self to come through, and whatever other energies you work with to bless the space and craft your intentions into this ritual. Remember... you need to be very pure hearted when you're doing this. This space is not for you to "get" or for you to be validated ... this space is a place for you to create genuine community, and serve the tribe who shows up. You are not the leader. You are the space holder. Everyone is equal in this group.

5. Now, meditate on how you will welcome new members into this space. Tag them individually as they join? Welcome them in with a prayer? Send them a private message? Write this welcome protocol down. You can change it as you need to, as you go along and learn more about space holding.

6. Now that the space is created, and the intentions are set, it's time to invite people into the group! Please do not add people into your group, if they have not requested to join. This to me, is a violation of boundaries. Let people request to join your group. We go over how to invite people into the group, in the workshop.

7. Now, energetically maintain the group with prayer, visualization, and ritual.

8. Heartstorm how you want to show up and nurture the group physically. What would you like to post about? Do you like to write poetry, or share photography? Would you like to create discussions by asking questions? We're going to go over effective communication next month, so we'll be getting into this a lot more!