Press play above to join us for our live opening ceremony for Divine Feminine in Business. 

You can also GO HERE, to watch in our FB group so you can comment as you watch. 

Homework from our opening ceremony...

  • Start your days off with meditation, and connecting in with Mother Earth. In your meditation or prayer, ask to be aligned with your soul's mission. Then ask... "Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say, and to whom?"
  • Listen. Write down what you received in meditation, and listen to your inspiration throughout the day. Spirit speaks to us through inspiration. Are you inspired to walk in nature, post a heartfelt share on FB, call someone, or go to an event? LISTEN! Act on it! Your mind might say.. "I dont see how this action connects to creating a thriving business" - but your mind is not the one running the show. The Divine is. You going to that event, might cause a chain of reactions, that leads to you landing a book deal. Your walk in nature might provide you with a brilliant idea, that changes your world.
  • Turn down the noise. Unfollow/ unsubscribe from any coach / mentor / business guide who doesn't make you feel amazing. They're great people, Im sure, but we want to tune out the static and focus on our Higher Self, Guides, and Angels, as our primary business coaches. I recommend holding space for 1-4 coaches in our energy field, who we vibe with.
  • Practice going deeper with the Great Mother. Lie on Mother Earth. Practice deeper meditations. Surrender. Let yourself feel her presence. Feel her support. All of your abundance comes from the Great Mother, she birthed your soul, and she will birth clarity, ideas, and money into your reality if you let her.