Start off by watching today's video workshop below:

Now take some time to be with me for this Guided Meditation into the Great Mother's embrace: (You can download it by clicking on the right)


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What I'm sharing with you today, changed everything for me.

As you know, the energy that we vibrate with, is the energy that we will attract. In this patriarchal age of hustle and future-based lusting... we can tend to come out of center, and be in a constant state of "want, more, it's later, let's rush to the future, GO!" --- We've largely forgotten our connection with the Great Mother, with Mama Gaia, and with the true Source of our abundance. We've forgotten that everything we want is already found in the NOW.

When I started connecting consistently with the Great Mother... slowing down, letting myself feel the support of Mother Earth, letting myself feel held and taken care of in the now, I was much more able to attract clients, and all sorts of abundance. Why? Because I was vibrating with "I am taking care of", and so the Universe responded in kind.

Today we're going to talk about how to slow down and connect with our true source of abundance, so we can much more easily attract money and all sorts of other magical things.

You can watch today's video workshop above, where you'll also find a 15 minute guided meditation you can download to your music library and practice often to maintain your connection with the Great Mother.

What can you hope to receive from this video + meditation:

  • A greater sense of ease + support
  • AHA moments about where your money really comes from
  • Guidance on how to attract clients + money from the lensing of a Priestess