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Now practice this powerful guided meditation to receive direction for your action steps, from your Higher Self:


Today we’re talking about how our Sacred Masculine energy plays a role in our business.

Often, this is the first step many business coaches will get you to focus on. They’ll want to start you off with action, more action, and then some more action… stating that doing something, is better than doing nothing.

I get where that mindset is coming from, but here’s the thing - action without heart-lead vision is nothing more than a dog chasing it’s tail around in circles. There is action, but there’s no real direction. And the result reflects that.

So today, we’re connecting with our Higher Selves in meditation to download the action steps and ideas for our business and sacred work, that will be most aligned with our soul’s missions at this time.

This means that once we’ve downloaded this guidance, we can move forward with our action. But because our vision is so grounded in our souls, and we’ve really taken the time to go deep and get receptive before moving forward… a small amount of action can produce a large amount of results. That’s the magic of co-creating with your soul, rather than following someone else’s steps.

So without further ado, click above to watch today’s video + download your action steps in meditation.

What you can expect to receive from today’s module:

  • Clear direction about your next steps
  • An understanding of how to prioritize ideas in your business
  • A boost in your masculine, strategic energy, that will move your heart’s vision forward