I'm so excited to share our first interview in the series with you --- with my personal mentor and love, Eden Amadora! Press play below to join us for an hour of Priestess talk!


In this Interview, Eden Shares:



  • Why life as a model (including for Vogue!) & being married to an Italian multi-millionaire... felt "hollow & empty".
  • Various Divine Feminine archetypes, to help us on our journeys as aligned Priestesses, fulfilling our Higher Self's wisdom.
  • The difference between creating a business from Patriarchy vs. creating a Business from the Divine Feminine.

Press play above to watch!


Eden Amadora is a spirit and embodiment coach, a voice coach, a sound healer, singer, & devotional "prayer-formance" artist.

She finds great joy in empowering others to embody and express their most essential, radiant selves, and discover their authentic voices. 

As an Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, Eden provides archetypal guidance working with individuals, and focalizing circles with guided meditation, chanting, devotional singing and embodiment practices of the sacred feminine.

She is also a graduate of SMI and the Institute of Indigenous Arts and teaches sound/movement integration, combining her love of sound healing and somatic mindfulness practices in private sessions, as well as retreats and daylong workshops. 

Visit Eden's website + get to know her here!