This month, we are focusing on how we communicate to our tribe + new people... are our messages communicating directly to the hearts of who we want to reach? Or are we being to general or out of touch with our ideal clients... Watch below to learn more!

Now that you've watched the workshop, let's get into your HW and deep dive into who your ideal client is!

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Questions to consider

1. Give a general overview of your Ideal Client. How old is she? Where is she at in her life?

2. What are her main challenges? What does she wake up in the morning thinking or worrying about?

3. What are her dreams? What does she want to see in her life?

4. What would it be like for her if she was able to bust through her challenges? How would her life change?

5. What does she like to do for fun in her spare time?

6. Where does she spend her time - offline and online?

7. What would you love to help her with? How do you feel like you can support her? What specific goals or visions can you help her achieve? (These might be internal or external, or both)

Now reflect on your current messaging. Can you talk more directly to your ideal client? Can you appeal to her desires and her struggles?