Want to deepen into a purposeful, prosperous, and Goddess-guided New Year --- without the frantic hustle of setting goals, and trying to accomplish, accomplish, accomplish?

Perfect! Starting December 30th, I'm teaching a totally free 3 week course - which will guide you to live your purpose, manifest conscious relationships, and activate your Goddess-beauty --- in a deeply DIVINE FEMININE way. More being, less doing.

This course includes 3 live ceremonies via video, 3 guided meditations, coaching in our private FB group, and a sisterhood to support you. You in? Sign up below! xoxo Beth


Includes 3 Live Video Temple Sessions:

& 3 Guided Meditations + coaching

Coaching will be offered through the weeks in our Private FB Temple - Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon. * A recording of the temples will be made available for those who can't make them live. Learn more about them below...

temple 1 - activating Our Purpose

One of the top questions and hopes I get from my clients and sisters is this - "What is my purpose?" "How do I find it?" "How do I live it?"

We often associate our purpose with our career, or what brings in money - but what if I told you, you could activate your purpose, right here, right now -- and not wait on anything?

The ironic thing is, when we step into our purpose in the moment, if we desire to create an income from that energy - it falls into place.


temple 2 - Manifesting Loving Relationships

Relationships are everything, really. But on this path - sometimes we end up feeling disconnected from our 'old friends', and long for supportive, conscious, and loving relationships. We long for people we can be totally ourselves with, for those who we can share our spiritual path with, without second guessing.

You may even dream of having a supportive network of sisters and brother who you can enter into ceremony with on special days, or who you can pull angel cards with, etc, etc!

In this ceremonial workshop, we'll be unlocking the key to attracting truly meaningful + harmonious relationships into our lives.

temple 3 - awakening the Beauty of the goddess

Beauty is an energy, not a look. Beauty is a resonance, the resonance of the Goddess in motion, in expression.

In this ceremonial workshop , we'll activate our sensuality, and self-love, and talk about how we can go from feeling frumpy, shameful, or out-of-sorts, to beautiful, sensual, and magnetic.

To honour our beauty, and no longer hide it, or deny it, is truly a beautiful thing. And when we own our beauty, we spread ripples of inspiration.. for after all --- beauty is the language of the Universe! Look at the stars, Mother Nature, the moon, the ocean... it's all around us! xo