I'm phasing out single sessions, and will only be offering coaching through longer term packages as of Aug 1st. I'd love to give you an opportunity to book a single session before that offer goes away.

You can learn more about these intuitive readings below. I've seen hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people at this point for readings, and I can tell you with deep authenticity that every session is powerful and transformative in it's own right. You can also read testimonials from a few of my magical clients below. If this offer intrigues you, I would invite you to snap it up, as this is the most affordable way to work with me, and after Aug 1st, you'll need to spend hundreds to thousands to work 1-on-1 with me.

*This is how it works... Once you buy a session (choosing your payment plan below) - I'll send you a link to book your session within 24 hours. You'll be able to book your session at anytime from now until the end of the can choose to book it right away, or keep it for when you feel like you need it. I'll also be sending you 3 guided meditations after we've had our session, that I've hand selected for you from my repertorie of guided meditations.


To pay for your session in full ($88 USD), click on the button below:


To sign up with a payment plan of $44 USD now, and in 2 weeks, click on the button below:




You pull tarot cards,ask friends for advice,& meditate or go into nature for the answers...

...But you still have questions about your path that you just can't seem to fully figure out. 


You might wonder...

  • "How can I tap into my purpose? Which career path should I choose in order to rock it out?"
  • "How do I move past this block I'm experiencing? Why does it feel so sticky?"
  • "Is this friendship or relationship right for me? Should I be investing my energy in it?
  • "How can I manifest more love into my life?"
  • "Why am I not moving forward financially, in the way that I'd like to?"
  • And of course... "Spirit Guides + Angels, what would you have me hear? I am open to anything."


The answers to your questions may surprise you.

When I look at your questions in teamwork with your Spirit Guides and Angels, they'll often show me past life connections, energetic cords, and imbalanced chakras that are at the root of your inquiry.

In the same token, the answers may not surprise you at all... in some cases you just need validation for what your intuition has been telling you!


In our 1-on-1 session together, we will work with your Spirit Guides + Angels... answer your questions in the way that is most beneficial to you. The answers are also not wishy-washy, although there are layers to any situation, don't be surprised to get a clear "Yes" or "No" in response to your questions. (Also don't be surprised if we are guided to talk about something seemingly unrelated to your inquiry, in order to find the solution... everything is connected) 

Sessions are usually quite gentle... we are working with very high vibrational beings who honestly really love you. The energy that comes through is nurturing, supportive, and lovingly challenging when it needs to be. 



When you book a session, you'll receive:

  • A 45 minute private session with me, held via Skype or phone. 
  • Lots of direct + specific guidance, delivered with the direction of your Spirit Guides + Angels <3
  • 3 guided meditations I hand select for you.


The investment in a deep dive 1-on-1 reading with me, is $88USD for 45 minutes.



A few testimonials from my magical clients...



Deciding to work with Beth is possibly the best decision I've ever made. 

Under her loving and fierce guidance, I have blossomed.

- Bella Larson, ❤  Founder of Bella Luna Spirit


Beth possesses a light and wisdom that extends well beyond her years. She is positive, intuitive, and deeply compassionate. I definitely recommend Beth’s intuitive coaching to those in search of clarity, direction, or affirmation. She truly has a wonderful gift. 

-Wren,  Founder of Flow + Arrow


Beth has a gift.

Her gift is that she is able to communicate profoundly divine messages as if they sound and feel like they coming from your best friend - warm, down-to-earth, eternally supportive and of course, fun. Her spunk, optimism, and lightheartedness don’t prevent her from going deep, though. Beth is tuned in and able to help you align back to the place of your truth. I highly suggest booking a session with her. 

-Alison Liepzig, ❤ Body Confidence Coach