Below, you'll find your bonus gift -  7 workshops through the chakras! If you'd like to download the audio, you can simply click the "Download" link at the right of the audio.


week 1: Root Chakra: Prosperity Consciousness + Rooting Into The World

Our root chakra holds the key to us feeling safe, as well as our zest for life, and our ability to root abundance into the material world.  In this workshop we went over 3 key aspects of creating an open and harmonious root chakra, and talked in detail about how to activate your prosperity consciousness. 

Week 2 : sacral chakra: Opening Up To Our Goddess Energy + Being A Warrioress For the Divine Feminine

When we open up to our Goddess energy, we feel sexier, more creative, and more magnetic, and we can embody the energy of the Divine Feminine that so deeply needs to be grounded into this earth. When I started actively engaging with my Goddess energy, and learning about Her with the help of the moon cycles, my life shifted. In this workshop, we learn lessons from the Goddess + are guided to work with her to become pillars for the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

Here is the book I recommended in the workshop:

Week 3: Solar Plexus: Owning Our Power + Surrendering Control

The Solar Plexus is our power center, where we experience our individuality,  and offer our expressive energy to the world. Yet so often, we can 'gum up' this center, by refusing divine assistance, and trying to do it all on our own. In this workshop, we'll experience a meditation to help us surrender, while exploring how we can more fully own our power as healers and lightworkers.

The book I mentioned in the workshop:

WEEK 4: Heart Chakra: Deepening into Self-Love and developing our Psychic Skills

Self-Love is key for not only our happiness and our ability to magnetize like-minded community to us, but also because our heart is a powerful psychic centre. Usually the third-eye is the only chakra talked about as being linked to our intuition and visions, yet did you know your heart is a powerful psychic centre? This is the chakra I first began working with to receive messages from the other realms.  

The book I mentioned in the workshop:

The prayer I recommended:

  • I forgive you and I release you, I hold no unforgiveness back, my forgiveness for you is total and complete, I am free, and you are free.

Week 5 - Throat Chakra + Learning to Communicate with our Spirit Guides + Angels

The throat opens us up to our communication not just in the physical realm, but with the spiritual realms as well. The back of the throat chakra is particularly important for receiving messages from our Spirit Guides + Angels. This ability has changed my life, once you start receiving messages from your Guides in a clear way, you'll never feel alone again, and it will be very difficult for you to feel stuck, as you'll always have a divine support system to guide you. 

Week 6 - Third Eye - Our Multidimensional Selves

When I started to explore the idea that being human was fairly new to me, and that my soul was more familiar with the elemental realms - that of Mother Nature, the faeries, and the animals, something deep within me clicked, and my purpose became a whole lot clearer. We have had many lives, and most of them have not been human. In this workshop, we'll learn more about the different dimensions we may have spent time in, and I'll be giving you tools to reach out to your soul family for deeper insight. 

Resources I mentioned in the workshop:

Week 7: Crown Chakra: Living our Life Purpose

We all have a purpose for being here. We start with Being the vibration of love, and go from there. The longer I've walked my path, the clearer my specific purpose becomes - I know I am meant to help the whales, teach others from a place of the Divine Feminine, connect with the indigenous, and spread the love in fun, creative, and sparkly ways. This workshop will give you the tools to learn more specifics about your life purpose.