W E L C O M E   T O   O U R I M M E R S I O N W E E K W I T H I S I S !



Hi love! Please join me for a vocal ceremony with Isis. If you'd like to get a candle and any smudge like Palo Santo or Sage that you have, please do. Get comfortable, take a deep breathe, and let's begin!


A B O U T   I S I S

Isis is a powerful Goddess who comes to us from Ancient Egypt. Another name for Isis is Aus-et.

Isis is the energy of harmony, of all aspects of the Universe ringing together in perfect + holy unison ~ alive + radiant in their essential truth. She is in all things. Many ancient mystery schools in Egypt, Greece, and beyond were devoted to her, and many Priestesses and Priests were initiated into her temples, and into her mysteries. Initiates in Isis' mystery schools were trained in the arts of sexual mastery - learning to work with Kundalini and sexual energy in order to invite in miracles and self-mastery. Isis is a Goddess of magic, of sound currents, and of ultimate devotion to love. She is often depicted with outstretched golden wings. 

Isis was one of the most popular Goddesses in Ancient Egypt, and many called upon her with help for just about everything. Her image decorates most of the ancient sarcophagi of prestigious rulers, Pharaohs, and Priestesses and Priests that have come out of Egypt. 

Her message is one of power - that we are powerful beings beyond measure. That we are unconditionally loved and unconditionally free. When we call upon Isis we are calling on light codes to activate dormant frequencies, that show us who we really are - multi-dimensional masters, active in a grand and majestic plan which is unfolding throughout the Universe. I find her energy to be gentle, yet powerful, and at first subtle. 



Practice these guided meditations to receive guidance directly from Isis + to start to connect with your multi-dimensional self... These meditations will open you up to who you are on a deeper level. You can download them, by clicking "Download" on the right hand side. 


Say this invocation aloud to Isis, as an invitation into your life.