Welcome to Moon Goddess Initiation Loves!

I am SOOOO stoked to have you on this journey.

Each and every one of you are powerful women with unique gifts - and each and every one of you seem to have a fire inside that is guiding you forwards, guiding you deeper, and guiding you to unleash the very real medicine you have to give this world.

Here is how the journey will work:


- I've sent you your first Goddess Boxes (and in fact, they are really Goddess Packages because I didn't end up putting the products in a box! Haha! ... I used a package :)) You can head to this link to read all about the products + how to use them.

- You now have access to your Bonus Gift - "Becoming the Healer You're Meant to Be" - A 7 week journey through the chakras. You can access that right here

- We start officially on February 10th, the Full Moon in Leo. Our months go from Full Moon to Full Moon. (They do not start on the 1st of the month.)

-Each Full Moon, I'll be sending you an e-mail with the Goddess we will be working with that moon, as well as a link to book your session with me that month. This e-mail might come a day or 2 before the Full Moon, or will be on the day of.

-About 4 or 5 days after the Full Moon, you'll receive Myths + History about the Goddess of the Month, as well as 3 guided meditations to connect more deeply with her + her medicine.

-We'll have your session whenever you choose to book it! You receive a 1 hour private session each month. Sessions are held over skype or by phone: your choice.

-In May, I'll be sending you your second Goddess Box :) That one includes a Moon Pendant necklace, an amazing eye shadow/cheek highlighter I made for you, myself, a moon sticker, and a Cedar smudge stick, I've wild crafted and put together for you.

-At the end of the 6 months, I'll be reaching out to you for an interview, and will showcase you + your wisdom on my website, and across my social media channels.

-You'll also receive a 30 minute follow up session, which can be booked anytime after we finish our journey.


If you have any questions, please let me know! I'm available for you via e-mail at any time over the next 6 moons... Just give me a day or 2 to reply :) You can send questions to: igniteyourtruth@gmail.com