Isis is a powerful Goddess who comes to us from Ancient Egypt.

There are many different understandings of her and who she was. Some people talk about Isis synonymously with the Great Mother, meaning the Goddess Herself.

And yet others offer a different perspective, that of Isis being a soul, who walked this earth as a human woman, and manifested her Divine Destiny and her spiritual sovereignty in her last lifetime on the planet.

Let's explore the second version of Isis, as a human woman who walked this planet.

It is said there was a great time in ancient Egypt, when the pyramids glittered with gold, and crystals flowed from the rivers. The people lived in harmony and with a much deeper self-awareness than we do today. Times in history like these, are called the Golden Ages.

Isis walked as a woman, and connected to her angelic self, eventually gaining quite the "following" of people who were deeply affected by her presence and wisdom. Mystery schools sprang up in her name and in devotion to her teachings.

Isis is often depicted with wings. It is said that when she walked as a human, she was able to merge with her angelic self, and wings did indeed sprout from her back in physical form.


This is hard for us to understand in this day and age, being so connected in to 3D reality.

But deep down we know that matter is not as solid as it seems, and there are many unexplored mysteries that we as humans have little to no understanding of.

The thing about Isis, is eventually she was turned into a deity.. meaning over time, her message of oneness, sovereignty and that everyone is a master unto themselves... transitioned into one of worship. That is, people started placing Isis above themselves and prayed to her or worshiped her as someone or something higher than them. This was never Isis' intention, or message. Her message is that we are all masters in our own right, and we've come to this planet to learn new lessons, while seeding a new Golden Age.

The Ancient Egyptians worked with Isis for pretty much everything.

She was particularly associated (and still is) with sacred sexuality. Her initiates - that is, those who entered into her Mystery schools - were often trained in tantric sexuality. There is deep energy and power in our sexuality, and Isis teaches us about it.

Isis is also associated with Priestesses and magic. She shows us that the mundane is sacred, and there is Divinity in all things. She can be helpful to work with if you are interested in remembering more of your past lives.



Guided Meditations

Practise these guided meditations to receive guidance directly from Isis + to start to connect with your multi-dimensional self... These meditations will open you up to who you are on a deeper level.


Invocation to Isis

Say this invocation aloud to have a deeper experience with Isis, and invite her into your life.