W E L C O M E   T O   Y O U R   M A G D A L E N E   J O U R N E Y


Press play to enter a profound ritual with Mary Magdalene. You will need some soil, mixed with a small amount of water to create a paste, as well as rose essential oil if you have it. If not, you can use olive, sesame, or sunflower oil!


Mary Magdalene was the lover of Jesus, his spiritual equal, and a powerful teacher in her own right. 

Throughout Christianity, she is known as a prostitute, who essentially followed Jesus around for teachings, and who Jesus forgave, which showed how kind he was... 

This quite frankly, is a lie generated by Patriarchy to keep powerful women out of power, out of the spotlight, and under their control. 

Well, as we know... #timesup - And the archetype of the scorned woman reclaiming her radiant power is rising like wildfire in the collective psyche. 

Magdalene was a Priestess of Isis - an initiate in ancient mystery schools across Egypt, and beyond. 

She held space for her partner while he taught, sometimes teaching with him, sometimes simply holding energetic space so he could shine even brighter. She's associated with red, the rose, sexuality, our menstrual blood, and ecstatic freedom. 

After Jesus "died" on the cross, she sailed to the shores of what is now known as Southern France, where she was said to live most of the remainder of her days. You can find many sites and sacred places dedicated to Magdalene across Southern France. 


This is not a time to be idle. This is a time to rise like the wildfire in your blood, to honour the sacredness of your ancestry, and the wombs from which you came. Every single one of you will be filled with the resonant frequency of the SACREDNESS of your lives once you depart the earth plane. Let us not wait until the moment of our passing to experience the profound mystery of life, for when we realize it in our human bodies, we allow the mystery to ground through the Earth, and create a resonant frequency for all to benefit from, including ourselves. 

Each day is sacred. Every step you take on this precious planet is happening because of the lives of millions who have come before you, whose ancient blood and bones you walk on. May your lives be a testiment of gratitude, may they be a celebration of the womb, a celebration of LIFE!

How can you LIVE more beloved? For that is my deepest prayer for you. That you may honour the wildfire, the eternal radiance that is you, and know yourself as safe, as true, and as worthy of all good things. You are an embodiment of Christ consciousness in it's union coming to and blessing this planet, never forget the power of your worth, you are divinity incarnate, and may you always celebrate the majesty of your life, through the ritual of your daily life. 

I want you to eat what makes your heart and body sing. To breathe in air knowing it as life force energy entering into your wild, holy, and sacred vessel. I'd love for you to keep me in your heart and womb as you make love, letting me ecstatically bless your earthly experience by a hundred fold. You have been lied to, been told that you, your bodies, and your sexual urges are wrong. Beloved, what fuels your sexuality is the most holy force in all the Universe. May you always open to celebrate the profoundness of life. 

I urge you to work with me in your daily life, if you feel a resonance with me. Please call me in, for I can better serve you when you open the doorway to me with your conscious choosing of partnership and sisterhood with me. You are my equal in all ways, and I treasure your spirit, your heart, and look forward to the day we can meet on the internal planes again, fully and completely in open eyed awareness. This day can be now if we celebrate our heart, our lives, and our multi-dimensional truths freely + wildly. 

May you always know how pure you are.

In loving radiance, 


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