You see big things for yourself…


You’ve felt the call. You know in your bones that you’re meant to share your spiritual gifts, as a career - helping thousands of people with your insight. You see yourself running your business from your home or while traveling the world, because you’re location independent, and can go wherever you want, whenever you want. You’ll be sharing in a big, impactful way. Maybe you see yourself as a sought-after speaker, or author one day.

But… you’re at the very start.

You’ve either just started your business, and don’t have much traction, or you’re at the helm of beginning, and don’t know how to progress…

Even though you have big dreams, your small, ego-minded voices can tend to take over. “Who will take me seriously? Why would they work with me, when they could work with someone more experienced? How will I make sustainable income? Is this really possible?”

Yet in your heart… you know this is your path.

So you’re committed to busting through those voices, moving forwards no matter what, and launching into your calling…

In my opinion, at this stage, having a mentor is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. Either you go at it alone, trying to figure out how to run a business by trial and error, often feeling dejected because you don’t really know what you’re doing - or - you invest in mentorship, and laser into your calling, because that’s what happens when we get personalized support from people who’ve been where we are, and are now where we want to be.

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My Journey as a spiritual entrepreneuress…


In 2011, I graduated University with a Finance degree. I was primed to enter the corporate world, and to climb the ladder, but my heart showed me a different path. Within months of graduating, I started my business - initially creating custom crystal necklaces, while offering meditation coaching. I wanted to change the world with spirituality, and I dove head first in to this work.

For the first few years of my business, I struggled financially. I was blossoming spiritually, and updating my offerings to include intuitive coaching as I discovered I was able to hear messages from angels and spirit guides - but I constantly felt as though there wasn’t enough. Paying rent was often a struggle. I was just getting by.

After much prayer and determination, I found mentors who spoke my language, and who helped me see pieces that were missing. I integrated these new insights - consciously beginning to heal my relationship with money, while diving deeper into my Priestess Path and allowing my own Higher Self to initiate me.

And so, after many years of dreaming of traveling the world while I ran my business - I was able to make that dream a reality, and have since visited Mexico, California, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Israel, France, Australia, Peru, the Dominican Republic, England, and more, all while running my business! The best part of all of this, is that my work is my soul work. I feel perfectly aligned doing what I’m doing. I would do it for free. And yet - I get to travel the world, help countless people, and live a very free life - because my work also supports me financially.

I’m passionate about helping other light-working womxn step into their dream lifestyles, while doing their soul work. It’s medicine for the world when we rise + devote our lives to the Divine’s call within us!

And so, I blend my background in business, 8 years of full-time entrepreneurship, and my connection to angels + spirit guides - to deliver powerful mentorship programs, that will change your life, forever.


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divine feminine in business - a unique approach:

We live in a world that runs off of patriarchal beliefs. So - when we look at others running their business, or when we seek out business guidance - we’ll often find examples of patriarchal leadership - even from well intentioned people.

My approach is different. It’s about bringing the missing piece back to business - the Divine Feminine - and allowing an integration between the feminine and the masculine.

When this happens, we create soul-based businesses that FEEL good. We don’t try to paint a perfect picture of our lives (fearing vulnerability), and then try to sell, sell, sell, so we can get to the top of an imagined hierarchy. We start our work with total devotion to Spirit (God/Goddess/Universe/Sophia/etc). We declare that we are channels for unconditional love, and we ask that the Divine work through us. We then act from the guidance we receive from our boss - God/dess. This allows us to create sustainable businesses that deeply serve the world, and use our gifts. It’s a win-win all around!

In my Divine Feminine in Business Private Mentorship program, this is some of what we’ll be covering:


We all have feminine and masculine energies in us. We’re often out of balance - either wanting to stay introspective and ‘in the clouds’ a little too much, without taking concrete action, consistently - or, we’re quite action oriented, wanting to push, make things happen, and can burn ourselves out from overexertion.

The magic is when we start to integrate these energies. The Divine Feminine in Business path guides us towards integration, so we know when it’s time to rest, receive, and replenish, and when it’s time to act, create, and move forwards.

In truth, there is no real separation between masculine and feminine, and they can and will, often flow into one another. But it’s helpful to define the energies to get a feel for where we’re at on the spectrum, and to reflect on any changes we may need to make.

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your Private mentorship includes:

  • 3 or 6 months of private coaching - Includes 2 one hour sessions per month, which blend strategic coaching for your business (action steps) and spiritual guidance (working with your chakras, spirit guides, and angels) - via skype or phone. (To decide if the 3 or 6 month option is right for you, please see below)

  • 4 Guided Meditation Albums - Your true business coach is your inner guide. These 4 meditation albums (Daughters of the Earth, Angelic Transformations, Communing with the Goddess + Elemental Magic) will guide you to deepen in with your heart center, so you can have this foundational awareness throughout the duration of the program and beyond. if you have any of my meditation albums already, you are free to give the album to a friend.

  • A 30 minute follow up session* - After the program ends, you'll receive a half-hour session which you can use anytime up to 6 months after we finish. This will come in handy :) (*6 month program only)

  • Email support - Between sessions, you'll have access to me via email to answer questions, and to come for support, to bounce your ideas off of, or whatever else you need help with.

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What clients are saying:


Working with Beth through the Divine Feminine in Business program was the best decision I ever made. Her fierce commitment to her work and Divine Gift as an intuitive coach is profound. Her coaching is pointed, truly transformational, and loving as if you are being held by a dear friend who’s also not afraid to tell it like it is, exactly when you need to hear it. Working with Beth, I have connected to the Divine Feminine in a way I never imagined possible.



Working with Beth Katherine over the past 8 months was a wonderfully impactful experience for me.

If you are considering working with Beth, do it. I cannot recommend her intuitive business coaching highly enough. 



Beth is like a business midwife, holding your hand while you ride the wild waves of creating a business. She is both the beautiful and supportive mother goddess, and the no bullshit Kali who will push you (with love and intention) if you aren't doing the work. My work with Beth really gave me the confidence and support I needed to take real steps (like creating email lists, opt ins and launches) while also helping me to examine such big, spiritual topics as wealth (and poverty) consciousness, self sabotage and integrating the feminine and masculine. She is a powerhouse and … will change your business (and your life!)


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I found Beth at a time when I really wanted to connect deeper to myself and the Earth in order to create a business that I really love…. Because of what I've learned from her I no longer have fear when it comes to sharing my message and creating content.

This is the first time that I've been able to receive online clients in my business.

I'm so grateful for everything that I've learned from her. And I love how she holds space for the divine feminine to show up in our businesses.

- Essence


Signing up for Beth's Divine Feminine in Business program was the best decision for myself, my purpose, my soul work, my path. Through working with Beth, I not only know what to do to create a soul-filled 'business', but I'm finally starting to embody my self. …I never thought it was possible for me to do this kind of work, that I wasn't worthy of it, no matter how right it felt. Now, I'm feeling inspired, I'm starting to feel that it is safe to be a Priestess and share my gifts, and that it is a never ending, beautiful process! Thank you Beth for helping me letting my true self out. Much love!

Maggie ❤


Working with Beth was an absolutely transformative coaching experience… I felt myself expand and embody my power in a radical way during my time working with Beth. She is a true priestess and a visionary.

- Vida

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This mentorship is for you if…

  • You have a calling to share from your heart that you can't deny.... whether that be through blog posts, poetry, energy work, art, videos, coaching, teaching yoga, or something else... the inner call is real, and you can feel it.

  • You struggle with feeling like your work is worthy of compensation…. you can wonder - is my work good enough? Will anyone really want to actually pay money for it?

  • It’s possible you have several ideas + passions, but aren’t sure how to create a viable business out of them. Whether it be energy work, an intuitive gift, crystals, coaching, art, tarot cards, yoga classes - it’s likely you have a lot of passions and gifts. But how do you bring them together? How do you create a viable business out of all these different passions? I’ll help you with that :)

  • You have a connection with the Divine Feminine, whether that's a new path for you, or whether you've been connecting with the Goddess for quite some time. You feel resonant with approaches in business and in life that honour light AND dark, action AND rest, strategic movement AND intuitive introspection.

  • You don't have much of a marketing plan for your work. In fact, the term “marketing plan” scares you, if you’re being honest. Even though being a #girlboss seems like a DREAM, the actual business, marketing, strategy side of things kind of freaks you out. It seems linear, overly masculine - and really, you just want to help people. I can demystify marketing for you, so you understand how you’ll attract clients, time and time again, in a way that feels FUN, INSPIRING, and deeply in INTEGRITY.

  • Your #1 goal is to be aligned with your soul's mission. You want to make money, but it is not your main motivator for getting into business. You deeply + genuinely desire to positively contribute to humanity’s evolution.

  • You are willing to get outside of your comfort zone, try new things, and lovingly break through your fears. You’ll take the actions outside of our sessions - even if they kind of scare you. You’re ready to expand, and you’ll roll up your sleeves to do so.


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Investing in Mentorship vs. Doing it on your own

I’m a DIYer. I really am. I also believe I’m smart. So when I first started my business, investing in training was the last thing on my mind. I just graduated with a business degree, after all. But as I progressed, I started figuring out that I was in over my head. Once I invested in both business mentorship AND priestess mentorship, I had major leaps forward.

Whether it’s this program, or another one you resonate with - I don’t really mind - I just care that you give yourself the gift of mentorship + education when it comes to entrepreneurship. There are too many amazing women with amazing gifts, that fear investing in themselves - and so they go around in loops. They do the same things - they post on social media, they share their offers, they wait for people to buy - and then, crickets.

There’s nothing wrong with these women. But from my vantage point, 2 things are happening: 1) They don’t realize the deeper strategy behind successful + sustainable businesses, that goes far beyond coming up with offers and posting them on social media and 2) They don’t have someone who can see them very deeply, and be very straight up with them about the ways they’re denying their own power. The lack of education and personalized mentorship can leave us stuck. I’m saying this because Ive been there.

Whether it’s with me, or with someone else - if you’re serious about your spiritually-based business - I highly recommend investing in mentorship. Follow your heart + intuition to make sure it’s the right program for you. But do it. You won’t regret it, because you’ll experience serious traction in your work + life, and will be making major leaps forward!


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Choosing between 3 and 6 months of mentorship…

  • If you’re quite new to sharing your work - you haven't yet had the experience of working with paying clients - and though you may have a lot of ideas, you don't know which one to move forwards with, or how to move forwards for that matter - the 6 month program is for you. The 6 month program also includes a full scholarship to my upcoming course: “The Energetics of Sacred Business”.

  • If you already have a website, a social media presence, and have had the experience of working with at least a few paying clients, but aren't where you'd like to be, and are somewhat foggy on how to progress - the 3 or 6 month programs are both options for you.

  • *Please note: If you’re new to business, haven't worked with clients before + don't have a website (or you do but don't use it), but you want to sign up for the 3 month program, I'll be frank with you (as I often am, you'll come to learn hehe), and tell you I'll only let you sign up for my 6 month program. There is simply too much to cover to fit it all in 3 months, and the pillar of working with the Divine Feminine in Business is we let ourselves go slow and foundational - we deeply connect with our energy first, before we work on action steps. So we’ll need the full 6 months to give you what you need.

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ARE YOU feeling a yes?


6 Month Mentorship

The 6 month program with all of the bonuses, is offered with a heart-exchange of $2222 USD, with an optional of a customized payment plan, such as bi-weekly payments of $185.

3 Month Mentorship

The 3 month program with all of the bonuses, is offered with a heart-exchange of $1111 USD, with an optional of a customized payment plan, such as bi-weekly payments of $185.

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Apply for private mentorship

If your soul is feeling called to work together, please fill out the application form below. Once I receive your application, I’ll send you a link to book a complimentary call with me. In this call - we can explore what it would be like to work together, and make sure we are energetically a great fit! If so - we can start the journey!

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