When I need help, my go-to "guy" is Archangel Michael. This powerful {non-denominational} angel carries a Blue Violet Ray that can clear and heal even the most chaotic issues or energies in our lives. The catch? We have to ASK him for help, as he honours the law of free will.

I'm offering a free course on how to work with Archangel Michael to: Receive guidance about any area of your life, heal your issues with money + receive abundance for your soul work, and clear out past-life / this-life trauma so you can fully step into your divine path, without anxiety. Sign up to the right  ↪


Day 1 // receiving a message from archangel michael

Whether you're new to Archangel Michael, or have been working with him for decades, we'll all come together to invoke him for power and assistance in our lives right now. In this session, you'll learn about who Michael is, how you can receive messages from him, and how to work with the Blue Violet Ray for deep healing + miraculous transformation. We'll end the ceremony in meditation ~ where you'll receive a message for your life from Archangel Michael directly.

  • Includes a ~1 hour live video ceremony.


Day 3 // wealth consciousness + receiving abundance for your soul work

I'll show you one way to work with Archangel Michael to clear limiting beliefs around money. If making money from your soul-work is your dream, but you either haven't gone for it, or have tried but not been able to call in the abundance you seek ~ you need this training! The steps I give you in this live ceremony, will be able to be used every single day of your life. This is a big part of the process I've used to build a soul-based business that lets me travel all over the world, doing what I love, and helping countless people.

  • Includes a ~1 hour live video ceremony.


Day 5 // clearing fear through healing past trauma ~ opening up to optimism and the truth of life 

Most of us experience anxiety or fear in our lives, that often seems unwarranted given the situations we're in. This fear may prevent us from "going for it", from speaking our truths, or for taking a soul-fueled risk. What the heck? Well.. many of these fears stem from past lives, or present life trauma that we'll begin to clear with Archangel Michael and the Blue Violet Ray. After this ceremony, you'll have an incredible understanding of how to move through fear in your daily life, with you new BFF Archangel Michael to guide you!

  • Includes a ~1 hour live video ceremony.