This moon we are working with Kali, one of my favourite Goddesses and energies, I must say.

Kali is fierce.

She is the force that explodes with justified rage and implosive boundaries as women are abused, as sexuality is desecrated, or as a serious abuse of power is displayed. She is the force that will right the balance on the planet again, as in her outburst of sheer power, she is actually showing us the way back to unconditional love.

People fear Kali. But fearing Kali is essentially fearing our own power. So that makes sense, as it's true we live in a world that fears it's own true power.

Kali is the Creator, Destroyer AND Preserver.

She is not a crazed, vindictive bitch who we kill anything she crosses. No.

She is a wise archetypal energy that will only destroy what is not in alignment with truth and love. People associate Kali with pain because of the pain we feel when our intense attachments are swept out from under us. Attachment to validation from the external. Attachment to transient physical beauty. Attachment to a partner. The only thing Kali wants us to be attached to is our Source energy. Everything changes and transforms. Kali knows that. And she knows we'll find the deepest peace when we don't attach ourselves to illusions.

Kali's medicine is intense.

Many people seemingly cannot handle her fierceness as she gazes straight through to our souls. When Kali is channeling through us, we see bullshit with ease. And we'll call it out. Directly. No pretense, no masked politeness. Kindness, underneath that intensity yes, but calling it out all the same. Calling it out, and then calling it back home to Source to be transmuted. Nothing escapes the gaze of Kali.

Now let's talk about some of Kali's lesser known "functions" as creator and preserver.

I really love this outlining from one of my Priestess mentors, Sarah Eden Amadora.

"The Creator, Destroyer, Preserver has 3 faces:

  1. The Black face of the Destroyer is asking us to take a real honest look at what no longer services us. To find the courage to eliminate old outgrown patterns, relationships and ways of being, even belief systems that keep us stuck and stagnant. So imagine when that is burned to ash and from the black, charnel ground, nourishment comes for what is most true and alive and ready to grow.
  2. The Red face of the Creator is the fully embodied, loving YES for your life. It’s the passionate mother archetype that’s nurturing and feeding and giving birth to that which is most resonant. It’s the lifeblood of our creativity.
  3. The White face is the Preserver. The Preserver asks us to look carefully through the charnel ground, through the black ash, to the diamonds that remain, those aspects of our essence, those relational qualities that are lasting and pure and eternal and what really matters and to honor that and to amplify that in our lives."

I love what Eden says about the diamonds that remain in the burnt ground. Kali is a being of utmost, laser like truth. Completely cohesive energy, like a diamond in it's brilliance and clarity.

When we work with Kali this month, we are asking that our deep truths emerge, and that we are able to see, with clarity how everything in our lives are serving us, or not serving us. When we work with Kali, we are also fiercely stating our boundaries in the sense that we won't take anyone's shit. With love. But really, it's an act of self-love to see things for what they are and say no when we need to. Blame is not involved here. Kali does not blame. She states the truth and moves on. She guides us to self-responsibility, as the only way any lack of truth has showed up in our lives, is because we've magnetized it to ourselves and chosen it some level.

Hail and welcome Kali to our Temple, to our Circle. May your medicine move through us all.

Guided Meditations with Kali

Experience the transformative power of Kali as you walk up your inner volcano and let your powerful lava explode, destroy, and create anew.

Heal shame as you deepen into the unconditional love that is always available for you.

Invite Kali deeply into your life with this prayer + invocation.