Over the last week, my understanding of the Goddesses we are working with, has changed. 

As we work with these divine energies, they can have a tendency to feel far away, or disconnected from our regular human lives. I think this is because of thousands of years of a civilization that has looked at God as something outside of ourselves, and so when we come to look at the Goddesses, we can feel that way as well. 

Last week, I started reading the book "The Sophia Code" - in which 8 different Goddesses are channeled through. 

I was semi-surprised to learn that, these Goddesses have walked the earth as humans. In Hathor's case, and from what I've gathered in these channelings, Hathor lived as a human in a golden age that was a precursor to Lemuria. She lived in times where humans were very awakened, and from an early age, were trained to nurture their wholeness, gifts, and sovereignty. 

Hathor was committed to to her unlimited potential, and it is said, that in her lifetime, she learned to bi-locate, time travel, shapeshift, and could access her simultaneous lives - including incarnations in Sirius. She lived for centuries in her human body before choosing to ascend to Sirius. 

Mystery schools sprang up everywhere in devotion to her teachings. These mystery schools were not in worship to Hathor - rather they were pillared to the teachings that came through her, so that all beings could know their sovereignty, unlimited potential, the power of their vibration, and so much more. 

These days, we tend to think, as a society, that ancient people's worshipped Gods, and Goddesses. Potentially, this is true, over years and years, powerful spiritual leaders who desired to show all beings their power, were idolized and deified, so that, their original teachings were diluted. 

However the truth is that these beings, as stated, were powerful spiritual beings, who desired for all beings to know that they are equal to them --- we are beings who have the exact same potential and encoding as Hathor does, as Isis does, as Brigit does, and so and so forth. 

Now Hathor lives in multi-dimensional awareness, and is available to us as a guide and mentor to all of us. We do not worship her, we honour her as a mentor who has gone before us and can show us the way. We are masters in training, and we can open to learn from her.

Today, Hathor is associated with unconditional love, and as my Priestess mentor told me, she embodies the energies and teachings of love, and the power of an unshielded heart

There are many myths, and legends around Hathor, that you can find online and in many books. For now I feel complete in sharing these awarenesses with you - and I ask that you contact Hathor directly to see what she has for you. There is a guided meditation below to connect with Hathor specifically. In addition, there are 2 more guided meditations that Hathor has helped me select for you, based on her teachings, and for what she wishes to open us to. 



Hello beloveds, 

What a sweet way to meet you at this time. I want for each of you to know your unlimited power, AS Source energy, and I invite the awareness of your Higher Self I AM Presence to come through now as you read these words. 

You have incarnated at this time for important reasons, and many of those reasons are not what you may believe. As much as the world is in need of a reform, and as the next Golden Age dawns and emerges around us, you are not here to fix anything. 

Rather you are here to embody the unconditional love and truth that is YOU, and you are asked to walk with this awareness everywhere you go - living in bliss and love, as you awaken the tribe around you to their inherent wholeness. There is nothing to fix. There is only the truth to soften into, and surrender into. You are truly Gods and Goddesses who walk this planet. 

As we seed this next Golden Age of light, you will be asked to come into certain challenges. These may feel painful and excruciating to you at the time, but Beloved, they are there for good reason. As the myriad of lies and chaos is released on this planet, you will be asked to transmute this hurt through your heart space, often, for the good of the collective. Again, this is not about fixing, this is, in some ways, the opposite - It is about embodying your wholeness, so the truth may be set free from the illusion of the cage humans have created around it. 

Do not get stuck to this pain. Feeling it unconsciously - that is, letting it sweep you into it's scattered and lower vibrational energies - will not help anyone. 

Your job is to stay anchored in unconditional love as much as possible - and Beloved, it is always possible, but you are re-learning your footing after disastrous times - and letting your unlimited One Heart space be the anchor in which you are rooted. 

Always come back to love. You do not need to chain yourself to your pain. You do not need to go over and over your pain again and again until you figure it out, in the name of healing. This is backwards. 

Let go. Play in the waters of unconditional love. Anchor to what's real. Then come back and transmute through your magnetic I AM presence. 

You are high masters, in training. You have much to give. Life is a playground of love, and joy. You are the ones, the leaders, who have chosen to incarnate at this time, and seed this next, momentous spiritual awakening. 

Blessed beloveds, 

Please call on me often, 

I crave to work with you, and show you what I Know. 

In unlimited essence, 




Guided Meditations

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